working out with hubby and blood pressure.

I checked my workout schedule and it wasn't a run day, it was a three mile walk and stretch day.
This is technically my 'rest' day.
It was hard to do after yesterday.
I wanted to go in and push and drop some extra calories.
But resting the body is important...and as I have learned through hard experience, if you don't rest your body, your body will rest you.
so I did it.
I also cut out sugar and very carefully managed my calories. I have done extremely well.
I am at 1490 and am done eating.
I am extremely happy with how today went.
I also find it interesting that coffee without the sugar wasn't nearly the pick me up I was used to.
We will see where this goes over the next few days.
My husband went and walked with me the three miles.
It was nice.
We talked and it was better than watching a movie together.
I also sat down and check my blood pressure which was 121 over 69 after I worked out.
My resting pulse was 78.
I was very happy with that..
when I started I was around 95 bpm at rest.
blood pressure I had no idea.
Now my husband's was like 120 over 89, which I do find concerning.
But he said he was going to start going to the gym more often so YEAH!
It only took two years, but I think he is coming around.
peristence pays people.
Have a great night.


SeattleRunnerGirl said...

How funny, I think you just posted. I love going for walks with my husband - getting away from media with him is something I really enjoy. How awesome that he's going to start working out more often!

Just had my BP checked this week and it was 118/70 - love that number!

Lisa said...

glad you had a good time with your hubby. :)

Amber said...

I love walks with my hubby. Which only happen in the summer and usually with the kids.
Good for you both.

outdoor.mom said...

that is really exciting. i found that when i started to change, my family changed along with me. I think it was about 5 years ago when i started seriously losing. Within a year or two my kids had slimmed down significantly. My husband is also about 20lbs less than he was a couple of years ago. Good job!! Your changes are starting to reflect in your family :-)

Hanlie said...

"If you don't rest your body, your body rests you". I found that out the hard way!

Leading by example is always best, isn't it? I love walking with my hubby too.

LeFebvre Momma said...

You are an inspiration to me!!

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy a good walk with my wife. It seems that is some of the best time together.

~South Beach Steve