just wanted to first type out that I did my workout yesterday and then only did a half mile walk today...but it constitutes exercise...so my streak is intact...it is, in fact, my cheat meal day so obviously my calories were above and beyond.
I ran out of time today.
But the best part of today was that it was my oldest daughter's birthday.
She turned 17.
Time goes fast.
she had a few friends over.
They watched Taken with liam neeson and then ate and then watched anime and then mocked old star trek episodes which admittedly looked like fun.
I tried to stay upstairs and let them have fun.
they are all good kids.
I made her a cake with a picture of the earth on it...which isn't easy.
It may seem simple, but sculpting continents out of frosting is not easy.
Kate wants to visit every country in the world...
hence a picture of the globe.
Then I made her spaetzle.
a german noodle.
you make the dough and drop it into boiling water..
This is where those kooky germans usually stop...plating it and putting some gravy on top.
Not I...
We like to fry ours in butter until it's golden and crispy.
God bless america.
There isn't anything we can't take and make more fattening.
Kate loves this and it's a tradition in our house to make the kids whatever they want for dinner on their birthday.
Something akin to a last meal on death row. lol.
I don't have tv and so didn't watch the superbowl.
I hear that the gal who sung it muffed it,
and that the rest of the game was a blowout.
*I have been corrected...not a blowout, a 3 point loss..
*and correction again, neither Deb nor I were correct..it was a 6 point loss, and considering they were down 21-3 in the first quarter...I am going back to blow out.
next sentence still stands.
But I have to say to that ben guy who gets his jollies abusing women..
karma is a witch.
Chris out.


Anonymous said...

It wasn't a blowout. The Steelers lost by 3 points.


Steph said...

No TV? I think I would die.

Christine said...

@ steph, actually...it's quite fun. You get a lot of interesting interpretations of events. lol.

R. Reed said...

We don't have TV either! I love to hear when other people don't either. I think it is a really positive aspect of life to not have the life drain of TV.

Hanlie said...

We've been TV free for over two years and have never looked back!

I love spaetzle! Tried to make it once, but utterly failed.

kathyj333 said...

I absolutely agree with the karma thing. Even though I live in "Steeler Country," I couldn't see Big Ben winning.

Putz said...

any whoozle

KrysTros said...

First off, happy birthday to your daughter! Bless you because that is not the easiest of ages no matter how great a kid is. I taped the Super Bowl just so I could fast forward through to see the commercials. Being a veteran, I did watch the National Anthem and, well, it wasn't good and I understand how someone can get caught up in a "performance" and lose their place but this was the NATIONAL ANTHEM! And she will take a lot of flak for it for quite awhile. I've been off blogspot for awhile, but looking at your pics and you look amazing!

Robin said...

That cake sounds amazing. I didn't watch the Superbowl either. Of course, I haven't been watching much of anything. Today is the first day I have thought about something other than ways to remove my head from the rest of my body. Yay! Finally back to a tolerable migraine. Woohoo. Thanks for leaving the thoughtful comments. Don't know anything about that Ben guy. But karma is something that gets ya every time.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter!!!

I worked at a Swiss restaurant many, many years ago and the chef always fried the spaetzle too. Yum! Now if I only I could find some gluten free...

Mary Ellen said...

I just wanted to thank you for putting my favorite and arguably the best ever version of "The Star Spangled Banner" on your playlist. If only we could talk Whitney into getting her ducks in a row and work on her addictions as hard as you've worked on eating right and exercising (and, as we've discussed many times, exorcising ;) )!