captain obvious reporting for duty....the social activism edition

Hey all,
Chris is off watching rudolph with her daughter, so I am here to report on some very very important advancements for women.

For instance...NOW, that distinguished bastion of women's rights, is championing every woman's right to look lazy and unkempt, dubbing December 'decembrow" (witty, is it not?)
NOW wants you to know that you no longer must be oppressed by those paternalistic tweezing fascists...exhorting you to allow your unibrow to grow into it's full glory.
That is what being a woman and these days, a feminist, is all about.
So basically, after you all have burned your bra and allowed your unibrow to grow (and looking both saggy and hairy)...life should be fab and our male oppressors will be properly confused.
Who said NOW is irrelevant.
After all, we can't all be protesting female circumcision in africa, now can we?

moving on...

Students in london this week are protesting an increase in tuition rates.
Motivated, aren't they...unfortunately one of them chose to swing off their countries flag while demanding their "rights". A flag attached to a war memorial of dead british soldiers.
Making them look like spoiled brats who know the term rights, but not the cost of them.
Something no education gained at a university anywhere can teach.
Captain obvious has a solution.
Let them join the military and then earn the tuition.
That way they know both.

Captain obvious would also like to report that Chris did her walk today and ate her alotted calories.
Have a good one.
Obviously done.


Robin said...

Captain Obvious cracks me up. That unibrow is scary on a man or a woman. And don't get me started on the rest. I found the comments or lack thereof on my post today interesting.

Funny how people don't find what I think is a healthy dose of anger, healthy. If you aren't being nice all of the time... well, that just is... scary. No one knows quite what to say. I never said anything about bitchy, just that I wasn't going to be inviting, warm, and nice. Not going to take it through the middle finger anymore. And the room goes silent. Interesting. Very interesting.

Joy said...

Wow, Frida Kahlo might be my favorite artist of all time but I am NOT adopting the unibrow, I don't care how good Salma Hayek made it look when she starred in "Frida" lol.

Unknown said...

I gotta go pluck....lol

Anonymous said...

Captain Obvious this is my 18 year olds favorite saying.... LOL

bbubblyb said...

Even my 13 yr old son doesn't want a unibrow lol.

Hanlie said...

Which reminds me, I should have booked my waxes and pedi on Monday already... No way I'm going to get an appointment for Saturday this late in the week! I may have to embrace this cause after all...

One of my favorite sayings is, "Freedom is never free from responsibility".

Maria Bloodwell said...

Oh dear I'm screwed... I can't grow a unibrow.

Retta said...

I'm sure Mr Covey would approve of your WIN WIN solution. The spoiled brats... well, prolly not.