I will ROCK YOU!

Hey all,
Good bye Christmas and hello New year...(Mine starts tomorrow)

I am in my last 10-15 pounds.
I will get to my goal this year.

I could limp in, shuffling to the finish line like an old boxer who doesn't know when to quit..or I could bring this puppy in like secretariat in the belmont.

I choose the latter.
No limping for me...no aimless punches thrown haphazardly while stumbling around the ring just trying to hold on to my dignity and my heavyweight (or in this case lightweight) belt.

I want to go out with a bang.
I want to bring it.
I want to deliver like queen in wembley stadium in 1986.
An epic effort with fantastic results.
This all starts tomorrow.
I will be going back to what worked for me at the get go.
capping my calories between 1400 and 1500.
One cheat meal per month.
I know my cheat meal days for the next three months.
Cheat meal 1: January 15th. Middle of the month.
Cheat meal 2: February 6th. My daughter's birthday
Cheat meal 3: March 17th...My 37th birthday at which point I hope to be normal in the weight sense.
No hope for normalcy for the rest of me . lol.
And as stated before.... I am still exercising every day till may.
on december 24th I did a two mile walk
the 25th was a three mile walk
and today was the gym for a 700 calorie burn
I have thrown out all the crap food from Christmas...what was left...into the garbage.
egg white omelettes, turkey, chicken and vegetables...along with soup and salads will make up the majority of my meals.
Here goes nothing.
and for your listening pleasure
Queen at wembley...widely regarded as one of the greatest live performances ever!
Long live Freddy (in our hearts) and long live QUEEN!

No hugs today,
Just fists of fury!
Chris out.


bbubblyb said...

Merry Christmas (belated) Chris!!! Here's to the new year and those fists of fury!!!

E. Jane said...

You said it very well, Chris. This is what we all need to do, if we really want to get this weight war over with and move to maintenance. I know that if I stay too long without momentum, inertia will take over. The old cliche, "success breeds success." I need a reasonable amount of timely success as I move into the new year, and I'm ready! I think you're going to rock it!

Anneg121 said...

wow, you have come a long way and deserve to end on a note which will be remembered. I commend you for your ability to stick to your goals, it helps inspire those like me....Thank you for the update which will keep the rest of us going as well!

Anonymous said...

Haha! You go, girl! I plan on hitting it hard for this last week, too. Nothing beats hitting the new year running. (Ha. Well, not running literally. I'm a walker. Wonky knees.)

I decided to order the elephant you linked me to--it was sooo cute. Even if we find the origianl, we'll give this to Kenna on her birthday. She'll love it.

Thanks, Chris.

And my apologies to your readers wh have no idea what I'm talking about. :}


Christine said...

@ deb, cool! I thought it was cute. and my readers will live. lol.

carla said...

as always youve nailed it Chris.
Im ready for 2011.
this is my year :)

prideful? sure.
but Im going to work my booty off to make it so.
and yeah.
by MY I mean all of ours :)

The tribeful.


Sunshine's Heart said...

Wishing you the best with getting there, Christine. I know you can do it!

Val N. said...

Fists of fury -- love it! This is my new year as well. 2010 was about starting the journey, figuring out the truth and learning to love myself. This year is about meeting goals and showing the world what I've learned.

Rock on, girl!

Putz said...

are you going to be only 37 years old<><><>,well i will be jiggered<><><>i did not know that<>><<>of course you could be 26 and married hugh hefnier at age 84<><><>i bet it takes so much courage to lose that last 10 pounds<><<>i would be scared to death that i would die of it<POLEASE BE CAREFUL, OK????

Retta said...

I've always loved that song by Queen... great theme song for this leg of your journey!

Annie said...

Wishing for you success in 2011!

Hanlie said...

Yes you will! Woohoo!

SeattleRunnerGirl said...

BRING IT!! I am, too - especially this week. You already know it's been a struggle for me lately, and I'm up several pounds. I will enter the New Year the way I intend to live it - committed to my goals, working hard to achieve them, and working my plan!

M Pax said...

Nice to read of your determined resolve. Merry Christmas to you and your family. :)

I love Queen. Still miss Freddie Mercury. Saw them in concert in the 70's. Still have the T-shirt ... I think. It would fit again.

Robin said...

Just finished watching the video. It gave me chills. I loved Queen. I will have to include them soon on my 80s round-up. You go Warrior Princess shaking your fists of fury. Burn baby burn.

jo said...

"I am in my last 10-15 pounds.
I will get to my goal this year."

Two fantastic sentences. The only thing that could be better is when I read you say, "Goal." And it will be this year and you will ride in just like Secretariat.

Anonymous said...

Wow - I love that song!

Of course, the meaning as it relates to this post is even better!

BTW, in case you didn't see my comment back to you on my blog, I am thinking about the Perfect Ten. Got to make my mind up quick!

~South Beach Steve

blank said...

WOW, that's all I have say! You've got it down pat! Awesome that you're finishing wiht a bang, congrats on your attitude, it is something to aspire too :)