It's that time again...

The kids and I went to kmart (home of the blue light special) to shmutz around and see what we could find.
We picked up a bunch of lights and a snoopy and woodstock on a doghouse lawn ornament.
It lights up and everything.
We have an 'outside tree' this year...that was our old tree that the dog peed on in the garage and we can't really get the smell out so we stuck it on our front porch.
people think we're posh..(probably cause they aren't standing downwind)
So the lights are up outside
So we went and got a 'real' tree for inside.
The girls and I went to pick it out.
The first tree lot was a little pricey so we went across the way and found a relatively inexpensive one.
It's a noble pine.
We liked that.
We have named it charlie...we also named my van imogene and the guidance system pilot.
We are namers.

I went and got a movie and we are going to watch labrynth while I finish putting the lights on the tree.
I did a three mile walk today and ate 1800 calories, no excuses, no regrets.
Not great, maintenance for my weight with the walk.
But tomorrow It's back on the lower calorie intake and I am back to the gym.
Should rack up a nice 700 calorie deficit tomorrow.
But for now I will leave you with a little celine dion.
I know alot of people really hate her..but I like her.
And I swear this is the best version I have heardof my favorite song ever....

Then again, I also like Neil diamond.
So...a little Christmas music to lighten your evening.
Have a good one


Sunshine's Heart said...

Meh. Not as good as Micheal Bolton's version. Or Josh Groban's. Maybe I just prefer male singers. :)

Amber said...

My favs are the Celtic Women and Carrie Underwood!
Beautiful, all of them! So wish I had a voice like any of them!!

Glad you found a tree.
Thanks for sharing the music!

Julie Lost and Found said...

That is my very favorite Christmas song. I love Celine Dion.

Was listening to Carrie Underwood today and loved that.

My other favorite Christmas song is "Mary Did You Know" and Clay Aiken's is my favorite version! :)

Donna said...

Try the Celtic Woman version as Amber says. My 17 month old grandson sat still with his mouth open in awe as he listened to it.

Michele said...

I like Neil Diamond, too! In What About Bob, Bill Murry says there are two kinds of people in the world; those that like him and those that don't. Nice to know there are more ND aficionados!

Love the Christmas season! Thanks for the music video clip. Lovely.

Putz said...

we are twins comusselerer, neil diamond<><><>neil diamond<><><><><>neIl DIAMOND<><><>I ALSO LIKE DION BUT NOBDY LIKE DIAMOND

Robin said...

It is good that you decorate early. I think you should enjoy them as long as possible. My favorite Christmas song is DO YOU HEAR WHAT I HEAR. However, I like OH, HOLY NIGHT, too. Actually, I am a music nut. I like it all. I know most Christmas songs. My mom used to have it playing nonstop during the Holidays and that felt right. Still does.

On a different note, I hit you up this Thursday. Hope you like it. Love ya, girl. I have got to start getting in the habit of calling you Christine. I will get there. Just give me time.

SeattleRunnerGirl said...

I love the preparations for Christmas...Advent is a season we don't really celebrate anymore. Anticipation of the coming celebration, etc. Enjoy the time with your kids!

M Pax said...

I'll have to tell my video genius you have Celine up. She <3 Celine.

I'm a namer, too. Glad I'm not the only one. I named my computer, my printer, my car & my telescope.

My tree comes pre-lighted. But we no longer have kids at home. Makes a difference. :) I bought a teeny live one at Trader Joes. Come spring, we'll go plant it somewhere.

Retta said...

Stunning version... I love O Holy Night. And I totally appreciate the immense talent and voice Celine Dion was blessed with. Beautiful.

Brother Love's Travelling Salvation Show! Cherry Cherry! Thank the Lord for the NIght Time! Kentucky Woman! Sweet Caroline! Help... I have Neil Diamond running through my mind and I can't stop!!

"Life is a card, you take what you get.
You do what you can to feel no regret.
You do what you can, forget about words,
just go with the feelin' it usually works."

(From "Don't Think...Feel", Neil Diamond)


Ice Queen said...

All time favourite Christmas carol, no matter who sings it. My personal favourite version is by Luciano Pavarotti. :D

We are posh, too. We put our old prelit tree out on our little front deck. It looks so pretty with the icicle lights hanging from the gutter and over the railing.

We don't have dog pee, tho... Does that cut out posh factor a little?