snapshot of a journey...Before and Now

hey guys.
Don't have a ton to say tonight..I have a PILE of laundry to do..
I was looking at some pictures over the weekend.
Sometimes it is hard to remember how far we have come.
Even if we have come a million miles.
Sometimes I feel like the old me never existed.
you know.
I burned my fat pants.
I cut my hair...and dyed it.
I started plucking (sorry NOW, I never could grow a unibrow anyways...)
I began to take care of myself.
I exercise 6 days a week.
I watch no television.
and I think any thing is possible.

Nothing crystallized the transition more than two pictures..
I debated doing this because you are supposed to do this when you hit goal weight.
Which I haven't....but I figured till then, this will do..
It won't make my goal weight picture any less dramatic..
Not for me anyways.

Click either to enlarge

I had popped up the picture on the left and thought I would look at the latest picture I had right beside it...and I just sat staring, because nothing says it like these two pictures.
From my hair, to my body to the fact that I say with everything about me in that first picture "I am ashamed" to the second picture that screams "I am happy."

That is what this can do for you.
It can strip away all the lies and it will show you who you really are and should have been all along.

food today
3 eggs 1 piece of toast 310 calories
1 salad with chicken and small amount of blue cheese with buffalo ranch dressing (not much) 350 cal.
2 cups coffee 240 cal.
(ran out of vitamins gotta pick some up)
5.5 ounces of turkey sausage with 2 t salsa (270 cal.)
3 cups broccoli with 1.7 ounces of feta 185 cal.
1 candy cane 40 cal.
3 crackers 36
1431 cal.

25 minutes arc trainer 250 cal.
20 minutes stair stepper 150 cal.
1 mile walk 100 cal.
100 sit-ups 50 cal?
total burn 550 cal.
( I am doing a hundred sit ups a day now instead of 158 every other day...we will see what kind of difference this makes in my abs.)
Have a great night


Red Shoes said...

You are an inspiration!!

You ROCK!!!

Keep up your good work!!!


Rettakat said...

Thank you for sharing this... I found it very encouraging!

pinkvision said...

It's that je ne sais quoi of SELF-CONFIDENCE! Fabulous change. :)

Deb Willbefree said...

Awesome. Deb

Tammy said...

WOW :)

M said...

You look so different. So much happier. Awesome job on the exercise too.

Ms. Chunky Chick said...

Chris you are just such a beautiful person inside and out. You have come so far and provide such an inspiration to everyone. Blessed BE

Annie said...

Great pictures!!! Thanks for sharing them.

Syl said...

you don't even look like the same person, congrats on all you have accomplished, you look amazing!

Helen said...

Simply fabulous.

But you know what? You always were. It's just that when you recognized that on the inside, you made your outside to match!

TJ said...

YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL!!! I love that dress!!! :) So proud of you! xoxo

Leslie said...

Wowza. Beautiful. Your eyes say it all in both pics.

Morgan said...

To me, that second picture says "I could kick your butt, even in this dress."

Angela Pea said...

Wow! LOVE the red dress, Chris!

Good work.

The New Christine said...


paulawannacracker said...

You're not even the same person you were before. Thank you for sharing your journey with us Chris. Reading your blog, recounting in my head some of the things you say helps me on my path to the real me. Yesterday, after hitting 2 miles on the treadmill, I thought I have an hour... give it my all the way Chris does and you'll be proud. I was very proud fo doing 3 miles yesterday. Thanks for being awesome!!!!

You you look great in that read dress. Love the cut and the fringe on the bottom. Muy sexy...

bbubblyb said...

You look beautiful Chris and what great legs *smile*. I can't ever picture myself in heels but you make me want to try :)

You have done such a great job!

Robin said...

I could tell you how fabulous you are, but that wouldn't be news... I am dedicating something to you this Thursday. I found it by typing "and then I'll be happy" into Youtube and seeing what popped. It was a music video by a band I had never heard of (clearly the song was news to me, too) and I had to give it a listen. I laughed my ass off, and had to dedicate it to you. I am explaining said dedication now so that you aren't scratching your head. I feel like Paul Harvey. Now you have The Rest of The Story...

TaDa said...

162 odd poudns later... you go girl... you look great... and I love your posts

Fiona said...


Jane said...

What a journey you're on...what you have done is amazing. You have not only changed what's on the outside (beautifully), but you've changed what's on the inside (wisely).