Gratitude and wealth

Hey all,
Went to 'feed the homeless'
except they were people.
Ever do that.
Group people only to find out they are individuals.
The homeless are people.
in this case, people with kids.
smart, funny kids.
One is so smart he is in the gifted and talented program in his school.
Another one is mad at Santa because he missed his chimney last year.
They enjoyed making cookies.
They ate their food.
Then they go upstairs to their temporary rooms.
The switch churches each week.
So they only stay one week at each place before they move on.
It's one thing to see adults in that situation.
quite another to see kids in that situation.
especially the kid that is pissed at Santa.
He called him (santa) a big fat dummy.
(Not that I can blame him....)
My kids have never had santa miss the chimney, and have never NOT known where they are going to sleep.
Watching those kids and their ability to have fun in spite of all the upheaval in their lives was enlightening to say the least.
I am grateful.
I only walked 1.6 miles today and I have to get some stuff done for christmas so can't do much else.
I will be heading to the gym tomorrow morning and am really looking forward to it.
As much as I am looking forward to crawling into my own bed tonight.
And brushing my teeth while looking into my bathroom mirror under my own roof.
I will be praying for those families and for the kids.
Have a great night.
I will be posting tomorrow and then I will be on Christmas break for a few days.
Have a great night guys.


Karen Butler Ogle said...

It is easy forget sometime to be grateful for the things we have that so many people don't have. I will remember that this Christmas.

Jane said...

As a retired school social worker, I have spent a good part of my life with homeless children and their families (mostly moms). Thank you for helping these families. You are right--they are people--real people. They usually are either down on their luck or victims of generational poverty. It's hard to crawl out of a hole like that when there are no jobs or a parent is simply unemployable (for a variety of reasons).

I won't go further, except to say that poverty is more of a problem in this country than most people realize until they really look for it or allow themselves to see it.

I wish for all children three meals a day, a roof over their heads, clean clothes on their backs, a warm bed--and for those who don't have those basic necessities--people like you who care enough to help. You make more of a difference than you realize.

Tammy said...

love this post Chris. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas with your hubby and chillins. :)

Lanie Painie said...

Thanks for sharing your experience with us. And thank you for helping those in need.

Anne H said...

Yes, they are people....
And fatties are people!
That one really threw me!
Here's to learning and growing and a great new year!

SeattleRunnerGirl said...

AMEN for being grateful. We are so blessed for so many reasons, I can't even begin to name them.

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Isn't it amazing how much the people who come to help get out of helping?
Have a great Christmas!

Christine said...

@ anne...me too! weird.

Brenda said...

Glad you and the Girl scouts were able to experience that. God is good!
Merry CHRISTmas!

Robin said...

One of the things that all of my Big Idea visualization brought me to months ago was that building houses for sick people. Homeless people who have lost their jobs because they have been misdiagnosed or undiagnosed are likely to have families. At first I was thinking people like. Single people. And then it hit me that there are probably lots of families who have fallen through the floor b.c. of illness. They need Forging Hope Houses. There will be single people. Married people. Young people. Old people. Families. The mission remains the same. Assisting people in their journey from illness to wellness. A home is just another tool to get there.

Putz said...

my son tony would say it is their fault including the kids} that they are in that situation and deserve nothing><><<>he is a jet lagged tea partier and wants to stop all spending><<>,.i am after 50 years of a republican mind have turned to health care for all, medicare and ide upped and money for all the schools until it runs out<><><>can you guess what i am?????

outdoor.mom said...

glad you did something purposeful :-) feels good!! hope you have a very merry Christmas!! Hugs!!