rebel with a cause....

Hey all,
How's it going?
didn't post yesterday.
Didn't read many blogs yesterday....
I took a 'mental health day'.
I have been pounding away at stuff for the last month and had developed an eye tick in my right eye.
A tell tale sign that I have stress that I am suppressing.
So, yesterday I upped my calories to 1800 and did a 20 minute jack lalanne video and then went to barnes and nobles and bought a trashy romance novel (reallllly trashy lol. black dagger brotherhood etc...jd ward look it up) and spent my night reading that.
I felt much better after I was finished.
I am still on my 'every day till may" streak.
Today I am back on track calorie wise and did an hour on the elliptical at the gym...100 situps and upper body weights.
I have increased my weights on my lat pulls from 55 to 60 lbs.
The rest remain the same.
tomorrow and tuesday will be equally intense workouts with wednesday being my walk.
Thursday and Friday (Christmas eve) will be intense workouts at the gym. Christmas Day, the gym is closed (imagine that!?!) and I will be doing a walk here...the length depending on the ambient air temperature.
Minimum one mile....If I can only do a one mile walk I will do jack lalanne and my situps on top of it.
A three mile walk will result in a walk only with situps.
Christmas day is my free day (besides the walk/exercise).
It always is, and always will be.
I have a few of these throughout the year. By free, I mean I don't count calories. ..It is NOT an "I stuff everything I can manage into my gullet and hope I don't throw up" day.

I don't like rules...I don't like people telling me what to do.
When I was a kid my rebellion was inward...in my mind.
I have always made up my own mind.
It's a strength and sometimes it is a big weakness.
Sometimes I will cut my nose off to spite my face.
Not good.
so If I give myself too many rules for too long I can rebel against myself.
F* me as it were.
That's okay, good sense is usually regained forthwith, because I am nothing if not a pragmatist.
I need my nose.
Will talk more tomorrow.
have a good one.
chris out.


Sunshine's Heart said...

I'm tired just reading about all your planned work outs. :) Good for you!

Robin said...

I am going to share something that I know that you will now get. The reason that the "stuff your face until belly until it explodes stuff" doesn't strike fear into you anymore is because it no longer holds any appeal. That is where whe the thin person has the advantange from "Go." As a person who has never fought this battle, I never had trouble walking away from a plate of food when I stopped being hungry. Sweets always had minimal appeal. HOWEVER, even I recognize that the holidays are the worst. You start eating the sweet stuff and it creates a craving. As someone who never (or rarely) eats sweets gets bombarded at the holidays, the sweets themselves create a craving. Suddenly after Christmas candy sales grab my attention. M&Ms are on sale. What is this? Well, let me stock up and buy three bags. And I eat all three bags BY MYSELF. It is only after the sugar is out of my system for about three days that I remember that I really am not a sweets eater. Huh. However, if you never give yourself that three day reprieve, the craving never goes away. Those three days suck, btw. The temptation to go buy more M&Ms is tough to shake, But, I know that if I can hold out for three days it will be over and I can get back to REAL LIFE. This year, I am going easy on the sweets. Not trying every cook, cake, and delectable that gets hand delivered to our house. No thank you. Pass. But, I appreciate the offer. And it was sure thoughtful of you for thinking of us. My cousin made homemade granola. Now that is my kind of food. And it was awesome. Christmas is a hard time of year to say no to the cookies, pies, cakes, sweets, etc. I say the answer is to pick and choose. And know that the craving will live at least two days after you stop eating the stuff. So, be strong. One thing that works for me that other people says is ludicrous is this. I imagine myself eating the desert. The whole experience. Apparently I have a very good imagination becauset that experience is so satisfying that I don't have to actually eat it after that. The visualization was good enough. There were no calories and I feel completely satisified.

All that said: holidays and food are hard. So, make a plan and work your plan. A small amount of everything gives you the experience without the deprivation. I am trying to apply that philosophy to the gift giving this year. There are leassons to be learned everywhere if you look hard enough.

Leslie said...

Self care. That was my topic today. I always love your musings, Chris. And your kick ass motivation/work ethic that isn't so unrelenting that you totally lose yourself. When you sense that happening, you know how to unravel. Good stuff.

Hanlie said...

I just got caught up with your last few posts... Loved the then-and-now pics, loved the philosophy and the spiritual lift. You remain one of my favorite bloggers, Chris! Thanks for sharing!

Putz said...

i have never been a rules person either<><><>i like my mother always said whatever we wanted and now my poor mother dead at age 59{1982}, never has to worry about that, but i still do and one day god will have me account for my obstinance when it comes to rules, playing fair or even playing at all

M Pax said...

Sounds like a really fun mental health day.

Yay for you with all your workouts and upping the weights.

Retta said...

Hmmm... I've been thinking about what you said about not liking others telling you what to do. And it occurred to me that it wasn't until I did the research, then made up my OWN plan, tailored to me and my preferences, that I started to see any success.

And even now, I end up making these long lists of "gotta do's", and after awhile I want to rip it to shreds! It works at first, then gets old. Makes me wonder if that is similar to what you are describing.

Anyway, the world is chock full of rules...and I guess I need to make peace with abiding by at least a "few" of them (the ones *I* agree with, anyway, har har har).

Interesting post... really made me stop and think. :-)