Buy THIS...Not THAT PLUS physical goals for the coming year..

So, I did the character thing yesterday...
I did the character thing first, because I think it directly correlates to obtaining the rest of your goals..
here is a clip from Robin over at a daily dose.
She dedicated it to me and by God if it isn't my philosophy in a nutshell..
articulated by none other than Rocky himself.
You will never get anywhere If you allow yourself to be knocked down and stay down.
Will get put on their @ss at least once in their life.
I have been there more times than I can count.
Some people quit.
Some people give up.
That's not me...

So in the spirit of my blog post title..
Buy THIS...
Buy what he is selling..everyone is selling something.
Some people are selling a winning attitude
A winning philosophy.
And some people are selling out.

Don't buy it.
They say
I would have, could have or should have if only:
I was smarter

Or I will
The kids are grown
Or I have more
Will power

Look in the mirror.
What do you see there?
A person who is worth the time and effort it takes to get healthy?
Until that is what you see, you will go in circles.
You have what it takes already.
Everything you need is already there.

There will always be something standing in your way.
Whether real or imagined.
Most of the time the only thing in your way is you.

Good news.

There isn't much in life that persistence can't grind into dust.

I have watched people in blog land over the course of the last year and a half...
People who have this journey a lot harder than I do.
People who are pounding away at the pounds through sheer persistence.
Their bodies are not cooperating.
They live with Chronic pain.
They do the best they can and they are WINNING.
These are people I look to for inspiration.
Because the battle doesn't go to the strongest
Or the fastest
Or the smartest...

It goes to the ones who just won't quit...
I am handing out kudos to my big three weight loss bloggers
I go to your blogs for a kick in the rear.
For inspiration
For your positive attitudes.

And to one Non weight loss blogger
I will call her a life blogger.
A big thinker...
A person with
A great attitude in the face of constant pain
and for thinking of others and
for just being a thinker.
I will come up with something...a blog award or something.
Bad at crap like this.
I just wanted to say you guys may feel like turtles...but you are very inspiring to me, and lots of other people.
That is why I have a turtle on my weight loss ticker.
He beat the hare cause he just kept moving.

Now for my physical goals.
I am aiming (starting on January 1rst) for seven physical goals..
and if steve decides to do his perfect 10 challenge, I am totally in.
It's the only challenge I do
It is a good idea to get any year going in a good fashion.
It sets the tone.
So Steve...No pressure...lol.

Here is my perfect 10 goals..if steve happens to do it..if not I am doing it anyways.

1.)1400 calories a day.

2.) No calories wasted on beverages.
I will be putting Cremora into my coffee (Thank you Allan)
That means that sugar that used to go into my coffee?

3.) No white flour
Not until I hit goal weight.
That means no crackers.
(I am talking to me)
No cookies, No cinnamon buns at starbucks..even if it fits in my calorie budget.

4.) Exercise every day till May.
Weirdly enough...the longer this goes on, the easier it gets.

5.) Posting my weight once a week on a sunday.
It will keep me focused.

6.) 10 cups of water a day

7.) In bed by 11..(tried this last year and FAILED miserably..this year it might be a bit easier)

That's enough...the perfect ten is supposed to be the first 10 weeks of the year.

That will bring me right up to my birthday or thereabouts.

Perfect for my overall goal of being at a 'normal' weight by march 17th.

I went to the gym today and burned 700 calories on an elliptical and did 100 situps and my upper body weights.

Have a great New years Eve guys.
I will be in bed early awaiting the New Year.


Laura said...

Chris~ Thank you for your blog this year! You are where I go for my kick in the rear. You articulate thoughts, goals, and life in such a way that my heart and mind is often engaged in new and wonderful ways after visiting! I hope you have a fabulous New Year!

Anonymous said...

What pefect timing. I just changed the name of my blog to "Getting It Done--NOW!"

It's time to stop waffling around, stop wimping out. It's time to be willing to take the hits and GET IT DONE.

I love that Rocky clip. I had never seen it. I've now seen it 3 times. :D ANd marked it as a favorite. I'll be watching it again.

It is time.


TJ said...

Thank you Chris! I just gotta keep going! :) I know 2011 is going to be a great year! :) HAPPY NEW YEAR MY FRIEND! :) xoxo

Putz said...

this is my first year in 57 years that i have not resolved to NOT YELL<><><>,.so maybe i will do it , ifin i don't say it<><><>other than that i told amb i would pray moree flirt more , and i forgot the rest of what i told her<<>>><love you

Robin said...

Eeeeks. Don't send them to my blog today. What a terrible, terrible day. Just got thrown a knock out punch. Had myself a tantrum on here. Followed it up with a cry in the shower. In a few hours I will have to face a house full of happy people. Egads. My head is killing me and I don't think I can take it. But I will. Because that it what I do. Life throws the hardest hits and it blasted me good today. But it is about moving forward. The thing is this: I have a plan. And unless the doctors kill me while they practice their medicine or with their medications, I will implement my plan. People deserve better. They need better. And I think I know a way to do it better. I just have to get better. So if that means one more year of crushing migraines, then there is more I need to learn about this system. I just needed to have my breakdown. But I'm not quitting. Cause that ain't me.

Shae said...

Thanks for your inspiration over the last year. I am definitely a turtle. lol. Happy New Year!

Joy said...

You rock Chris!!!

jo said...

Wow, Chris! Thank you so much. I always think I'm so negative and a real Wendy Whiner. lol

I have seriously considered crossing out the 282.5 and putting in The Tortoise as a new blog title. Made the new banner and everthing, just not sure if I wanna.

Good luck with that 11pm thing. That's one of my downfalls, too. When I worked, I was in bed by 10. Now that I don't, it's usually 1.

Your blog is the blog I come to for deep thought, for reflection. You always make me think--and it's stuff I take with me in life and think back to. You are so profound.

Happy New Year!

Rettakat said...

Impeccable timing. Thank you so much Chris.

I had to laugh at what Robin said... I too wrote a "fess up" post today, and got punched in the comments for my efforts. So I too, went EEK! I hope no one goes there and reads that mess, LOL!

Well, I am about to finish up my goals for the New Year, and feel like Deb does... time to bring it home.

I loved that Rocky clip. Weird... I don't even like boxing, yet I loved the Rocky movies because of his heart, his never quit attitude.

Thanks Chris.. first I teared up, then I felt better, now I feel inspired!

Eye of the tiger!

Anne H said...

So much out here in Blogland.... you are one of the gret ones! Thanks, Chris!

Anonymous said...

Love your posts. They really make me think. Good luck with all your intentions for 2011. I'm sure you will achieve whatever you set your mind to.

Sandra said...

Happy New Year Chris! 2011
will be a great year for all of us!

Guess if I'm going to be wearing a mini-skirt I had better get working on my legs eh? :)

Christine said...

@Sandra, lol, Yes ma'am!

Anonymous said...

I thought about the Perfect Ten, and thought about it some more. I decided not to do it right now though. I'll still be here pushing you along though!

~South Beach Steve