New Year pictures...this year vs. last year plus WEIGH IN

Weight this morning 146.5
WEIGHT last year on January 1rst?
total lost 41.5 lbs.
What does that look like?

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40 lbs doesn't always sound like a lot...but it is a lot.
My good friend amber dropped over 40 lbs.
It can make a world of difference.
so don't take it lightly.

And for you guys who are new...maybe just deciding to give this thing a whirl.
Do it now.
You won't regret it.
On track today...
Came in at 1440 calories..
need to watch it with the measuring.
mistook a half cup for a third of a cup when dishing out yogurt today...and just realized it tonight after dinner.
Not too bad though.
walked two miles as my gym was closed.
Tomorrow it's back to the gym and back to pounding stuff out.
Have a good one guys.
Chris out.


Debbie said...

I love the pictures and you look wonderful. 40 lbs is awesome.. Happy New Year..

Deb said...

You are looking TERRIFIC! The proof is in the pictures. Wowza.

Jack Sh*t, Gettin Fit said...

That's a nice slideshow of you and your older, fatter sister. You look fantastic (but she could stand to lose a few pounds, to be truthful)...

Happy New Year, Chris!

Anonymous said...

You are a beautiful woman, truly. And 40 lbs did make a big difference. You must be so proud of your bad self. Thanks for sharing. Oh, and I am going to do it!

Melissa said...

You look absolutely amazing!!! Happy 2011.

E. Jane said...

You look wonderful. What a great job you have done in so many ways--health, fitness, family, self-esteem, ect. I have enjoyed following you this year, and it will be great to continue in 2011.

Syl said...

congrats on a great year - the hard work definately paid off, you look amazing!

Anneg121 said...

great job, you look wonderful. Your blog is an inspiration but I have to say your pictures help motivate also!!

Anonymous said...

Soooo, cool! Love your hair. Love the progress. Congratulations, Chris!

And Jack Sh*t is a hoot, isn't he?


Robin said...

Aside from the weightloss itself, there is so much OTHER stuff going on in those photos. You looked good in January of last year, but you stil didn't feel great. You still weren't really feeling it yet. If you look at how you are standing then vs. now there is a world of difference. Your body language is totally different. You look confident and happy. Your hair is curled and you can tell that you took time with it. Last year you just pulled it back. You still weren't feeling girly and pretty. You had come SO FAR from where you started, but you still had so far to go in terms of feeling good inside. It wasn't until you felt good inside that you were able to really harness that and decide to be Chris or Christine outside. You are gorgeous and not afraid to be gorgeous now. And it shows. Brava. Happy New Year!

Amber said...

Great picts Chris!
A year has made a big difference for you! You look great!

Anne H said...

You look marvelous!
On to a great year!

Sheilagh said...

WOW Chris, you look FABULOUS!!
Well done beautiful woman. I agree with Robin, your confidence really shines out in you new photo's.

This is going to be a Very Good New Year.


outdoor.mom said...

Great last couple of posts!! I have kept over 40 (almost 50)lbs off for a few years now :-) Its been 6 years since I lost the first 35. Its such a good feeling of accomplishment to keep it off. Congratulations to you!! One year is a metamorphosis!! Keep up the good work Chris!! You are an inspiration to so many :-) Happy New Year!!

Retta said...

Okay, I have to admit, I was shocked at the difference those 40 pounds made! Wow, just beautiful. And a bigger smile this time, even.

Only the first 4 pics would play for me on your Smilebox, but that was enough to see an amazing difference. Thank you so much for sharing these... very encouraging!


Allan said...

It isn't the weight, although that is great. It isn't the size, although you have shrunk. It is the smile, and you look happy and empowered. That is the example that your peeps should follow. You are Awesome.

Shae said...

You look amazing!!

Laura said...

You look awesome! 40 pounds is a big difference and it is great to recognize your amazing accomplishments!

Matt said...

Hi Chris, you have anohter follower! Tammy from Fat to Fab speaks highly of you and your honesty.

Just took a look a the progress on your slideshow as well as the sidebar and all I can say is WOW! And good post - I can attest to the fact that 40 lb is a big deal. I lost 25 last year and it made a huge difference in how I looked and felt. I did regain some of that though, so I'm back to blogging full force. Look forward to following your journey. You can find me at:


pinkvision said...

What a fabulous change! Well done, you amazing woman. :) Marvelous photos, also love how your confidence shines through all of those pictures.

Sevenbeads said...

Forty pounds is amazing and you are proof of that. Thank you for the inspiration I needed!

Joy said...

WOW you look great!! Way to go!!

I gave you an award today!! Thank you so much for your support. I so appreciate you!!

Keep focused!

Beth said...

Wow, what great photos (and I could only see the first four as well) and yeah, it's how happy you look and the confidence that is emanating from you. Totallly rockin.

Way to go, those 41.5 pounds made a big difference.

Helen said...

LOL @ Jack's comment!

You are beautiful Chris. I know you ALWAYS WERE, but now you're letting your outside reflect the beauty within.

You've given me inspiration and I will be taking some photos in the morning!

Christine Jeske said...

Congrats, Chris. You look wonderful! ♥

Michele said...

What a great tribute to you!!! You look fabulous!!! Thanks for sharing.

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

The biggest thing I notice is how strong and sassy you look! Not just thin and still crummy like several people I have known over the years who are repeat diet offenders. You can just tell that this is for you for life and you feel as good as you look!
(Just hit 40 pounds lost myself and typing that here is so shocking. Still getting used to the thinner 'normal' me I see in pictures.)