Back to Basic(s)

Hey all,
and hello to my newest reader...my husband.
Not sure what made him a reader..lol.
But he started.
So hello dear.
So before we get too far in let's talk about today.
I did great with both food and exercise.
For exercise I did 33 minutes on the elliptical
and 5 minutes on the arc trainer...total burn there. 400 calories.
Then I thought I would do a 2 mile walk but ended up doing a one and a half mile walk and a pretty quick one mile jog/run.
I felt great through out that run.
I ran it faster.... I don't know how much faster but I was definately hauling and I passed people.
(No watch today...will have to go and get one)
So total there was about 250 calories.
Then I did upper body weights for around 50 calories.
total burn...around 700 calories.
total food 1500.
I had a ton of veggies today.
3 eggs/1toast
1 turkey sausage link with 1 bell pepper
5 ounces buffalo chicken on salad with feat and walnuts.
2 cups of coffee.
That was my food for the day.
The simpler I keep my food the better.
The more whole, unprocessed food I eat, the fewer cravings I have.
Now on to the heart of this post.
I worked out pretty hard today.
I plan to do a 2 mile jog tomorrow morning with situps and pushups.
Then do a three mile ruck in the evening.
IF that sounds familiar to some of you...that is because that is how they conduct basic.
YOu do your morning pt.
Then usually daily we had a ruck march.
In the beginning the start you off on a 2 mile march....building to the end with a 20 mile ruck march. I don't know If I will go that far.
But nothing is stopping me from recreating a mini bootcamp right here in my little subdivision.
I always used to say...If only I could go back to basic training.
So I am.
My food will be kept simple.
my meals will be kept small....300-400 tops, topping out at 1500 calories.
protein is my friend...as are large quantities of veggies.
white crap is the enemy.
no white flour.
It's terrible.
So really, food intake will be lean proteins...fruits and veggies and the occasional whole grain.
That's it.
An allowance will be made for honey on my yogurt and the occasional spoon of sugar.
In basic we never watched what we ate because we barely had time to eat.
So, watching what I eat and exercising...that should bring some real results.
Have a good one guys.

oh and val...here is that link
this will take you to the army pft standards. To pass basic you have to get at least a 60.
I am shooting for 100 on each standard for my age range.
Chris out.


Kim said...

Wow! What an amazing day!!!! I wish that I had just a fraction of your discipline...though I did make it to the gym tonight...30 minutes on the stairmaster (thought I was going to die!). Food was good today, too...but yours was so much better...

Congrats on a job super well done!

outdoor.mom said...

good girl!! whole, unprocessed foods is the way to go. Welcome to the hubby!! My hubby reads my blog too :-)

Joy said...

You amaze me!! You are also very motivating...Geez it's almost 9pm and I feel like I need to get up and give you 20!

Keep up the great work my friend...You are doing awesome!!!

Keep focused

Anonymous said...

Your husband ~ No way to mine ... that would be invading my space... LOL....

Good blog

Amber said...

Tell Mr. Hubby "hi" for me.
Sounds like a good plan.
You'll do great!

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

I don't know if you realized this...one of your followers has a very nasty photo attached...and it is posted on your blog!

Just thought I'd tell you, in case you didn't know there is a picture of female genitalia in your list of followers....!

(I'd want someone to tell me!)

carla said...

welcome to your husband---and mine!
who inexplicably started reading mizfit as well.

do we need to censor now? :)

Val N. said...

Thanks for the link!

Helen said...

Hello to Mr. Christine!

Funny, I can't even get Mr. Helen to read some of the emails I send him so I can't even imagine him finding AND reading my blog lol!

There's a reason we go "back" to basics... they work.

Putz said...

i am glad to see your hubby<><><>the more men the better<<>><most of you women are flakey

Hanlie said...

I love the idea of doing basic training! Good luck!

kathyj333 said...

Way to go. I love your blog. Simple and honest.

E. Jane said...

I love it that your husband is reading your blog. It's great that you're comfortable with him reading what you are writing. I'm not quite there yet--but maybe soon!

Christine said...

@ debbie...THANKS! I blocked her and her interesting picture

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

You look just awesome! So toned and fit. Did you ever truly see yourself as being as fit (or close to it) as you were in basic, or has this been an idea that came on slowly and surprised you?
Either way, it is so working for you and showing others how well this can be done.

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

I came back to see if you saw my comment about that photo...Glad you did!

What is the world coming to? I just did a search on Google for something related to my blog...some company has decided to hijack the name of my blog to link it to ads for anti-dandruff shampoo...and THEY ARE NOT PAYING ME!

So much for copyrights...