itchy and irritated

That would be my mood.
I don't know why.
It's not time for Tom. I don't have any in laws visiting. I have no committee meetings or bill collectors calling.
I am just ready to scream.
But I manage to contain myself.
The last time I got this itchy I went to montana while coming back from the laundromat.
I hate routines.
I hate repetition.
I hate rules.
Which is conversely why they are soooo good for me.
Some people thrive off them.
I loathe them.
But, it builds character.
When I get like t his I just want to be alone.
I am not big on being around loads of people...and I like people.
one on one.
groups, crowds...not so much..
which is why I hate the gym.
But the gym is the most effective way to get in a good work out..so I deal with it.
But my daughter wrote me a haiku to make me laugh today.
I think it sums it up very nicely...

I'm sick of the gym
it smells like sweat and rubber
it's full of weird creeps.

That's it in a nutshell.

But I went and worked out anyways.
I walked one mile
I jogged two
and did 20 minutes on a stairstepper
and did 125 situps and 20 pushups.
not bad.
Tomorrow is elliptical day.
Hope you all have a great night.
Talk to you later,


Robin said...

The last time I felt this itcy I went to Montana coming back from the laundromat. I am hazarding a guess that was just *slightly* out of your way. So, when you say you are feeling just a little bit itchy. We are talking REALLY itchy. As in you might get on the interstate and keep on driving itchy. I get it. I know that itch. I fantasized about it. Never did it. That must have been one heck of a phone call to the hubs. "Dear, I am going to be a little bit late with the laundry. I had some unforseen traffic..." LOL. I hope that you have a better day tomorrow.

w0rld4vamps said...

good work out. Nice Haiku. I guess you have to really get a kick out of that smell if you really love the gym.. Idk.. I'm not that kinky. LOL

Christine said...

@ robin...my husband was deployed at the time for six months...I think the conversation in my head went something like this. 'Nothing back at the apartment. I have money in my purse, I have clean clothes(!) and what the hell, why not?' I lived in colorado...it was 890 miles till I hit the indian reservation where custer was slaughtered..it was an interesting three days.

outdoor.mom said...

Go Christine!!
i don't like rules either ;-)

Amber said...

Sounds like a fun weekend getaway is needed. Take a weekend send the girls over here and have fun!

Retta said...

Ha ha ha... I JUST finished reading some quotes by Jack Lalanne. He said he HATED to workout, but loved the results. (!!)

I'm one of those who loves routines... and when I read your post, I asked myself why? My immediate response was that it took care of the "routine" stuff automatically, and gave me that oh-so-precious and all-too-limited Free Time for art.

So maybe it's like with Jack... I've connected the RESULTS to the routines.

Oh well, you did your exercises, in spite of the sweat n rubber! Good job. :-)

Christine said...

@loretta, I am trying to do that. It used to be worse. when I first started being a stay at home mom sometimes it would feel suffocating. It's much better now. But I still get a bug up my butt here and there.

Hanlie said...

I think we are a lot alike... You're just quicker on the uptake.

Now that I'm home again (yay!) - and even though I'm RECOVERING - I realize that I am going to have to introduce some structure to my days, or they will just fritter away aimlessly like they did before. Then, after six months, or three years, I have nothing to show for it.

OMW, I am 42 years old and finally growing up.

Helen said...

You are too funny. Thatitchy irritated thing is how I've felt since December 26th with our first snow fall - that hasn't stopped falling yet. I'm afraid if I go to the grocery store I will head for Florida and never come back.

I love the haiku too. Describes perfectly why I gave my gym membership up.

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Yes, it seems many of us have trouble with 'routine'. Can't seem to do anything in the same order daily or it drives me nuts. Makes for interesting days... Yet, like you, certain things done over and over can really get me results I love. Love, love, love your advice on working at one pound at a time. Have gotten rid of 44 of them that way! Thank you so much for that advice. Still working at adapting that to other things. The emotional ones seem the toughest to concour.

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Sorry, dropped the q in conquer...