silence of the mind
silence of the heart
silence of the mouth

I like that saying....there is more, but that is enough.
As I was going through some blogs today and thinking of what happened yesterday, I was down.
To hear from God....according to mother theresa, you must get silent.
I don't get to do that much...I do have tuesday however.
So I will do that then.
I got to the gym and yesterday I walked.
streak intact.

So when I am feeling down and I want to feel better I watch this movie
It's called ahome of our own...and no matter how many times I watch it, I am always surprised by how I cry and feel better.
My youngest watched it with me and said "she is like you mom..
And she is...except for two things.
1.) I nailed that belt to a tree a long time ago...before I ever had kids
2.) I have no pride when it comes to my kids....I would beg to get them what they needed.
Other than that...all me.
I dare you to watch this first bit and not get sucked right in...
The rest of it is posted on youtube...and the first bit is silent but the sound kicks in...
other than that, I think I will be silent tonight.


Sunshine's Heart said...

Silence is good. I often get in in my at home environment but I rarely have real silence in my head. My thoughts race sometimes so that my body stays tense and I could just scream for relief.

Retta said...

I saw this movie. Excellent! Highly recommend!


paulawannacracker said...

This is why I love to walk alone during my lunch hour. It's that time when I'm totally alone with my thoughts.

My mind is always racing and often thought meditation would be great... if I could still my mind long enough.

you're probably one of the most reflective bloggers I read. Love it.

paulawannacracker said...

oh, and I watched that movie clip. Looks like a great movie. What courage to just pick up your kids and just move like that--

Joy said...

I think allowing myself some time to get silent would be very good for me. I will work on that!!

Keep focused!

Robin said...

The movie looks good. I hope the silence helps.