getting picky with it...

Hey guys..
I did okay but overdid the calories..I came in today at 1650 calories...but it could have been even worse.
I didn't add my calories from early in the day and I forgot that I noshed on some pecans. And for God sakes...don't mindlessly eat nuts. 1/3 cup 210 calories.
So, there I am in the middle of my salad when I realize that I forgot the nuts I ate.
so what happened...I pondered my chickeny, feta-y wonder that was my salad and sacrificed something...my walnuts. I had put 1/4 of a cup in...so I picked them out.
I have been doing this alot lately.
If I am eating something and the taste just isn't up to par...or there is cheese on there that I just don't want..I don't care where I am, I will pick it out.
earlier in the week I am getting a chicken philly sandwich with no cheese...the lady goes to put cheese on it.
I yell no!
She bout had a heart attack.
I say No Cheese.
They may think you are insane...but do you really want that 110 calories tagged onto your behind..especially when you are trying to LOSE weight.
I am sorry, provolone just deosn't cut it in the taste department.
Every last bit of food I ingest has to be worth that calorie bang for my buck.
So....over in the cal department...
then as a last act of attrition...I didn't finish my salad..there is still some chicken and feta on that plate...but I am just counting the cals and hoping for a nice surprise from the scale one way or the other...either way I am over.
Luckily I got one heckuva workout in...for around 650 calories burned..minus what I over ate for my weight 1460 calories...plus my workout 650....I could have ingested 2110 calories without gaining weight so I have a 460 calorie deficit....not too bad. I will do better tomorrow.
I got my situps in and some leg lifts....I am trying to lift my rear...I have F.B.S
flat butt syndrome.
I am trying to cure it.
Have a great night..
diet tip for the day.
Just cause it somehow made it's way onto your plate, it isn't too late.
Throw it away!
What doesn't go into your mouth..
won't end up on your rear.
Have a great night guys.


Morgan said...

I just saw your newest picture in your workout clothes - you are looking skinny and hot!!! Way to go!

Christine said...

@ morgan...skinny and hot...you are my new favorite commenter..lol.

Robin said...

I laughed out loud when you yelled at the lady to not put the provolone cheese on your sandwich. Too funny. I bet she doesn't get that too often!!! In fact, most people are probably like, "kinda stingy with the cheese dontcha think!" hahaha. Surprised the next person in line didn't offer to take it!

You know that you are thinking like a thin person when you quit eating when you are no longer hungry. Just stop. Even if there is still food on the plate. That is a really good thing.

And Morgan is right. You do look great in your new pics. But I have already been there...

Anonymous said...

love the post.. had to share your diet tip with my BFF

have a great Tuesday

Matt said...

Chris, totally agree with you. If I'm going to eat junk food, I expect it to be good! Nothing worse than wasting your binge food on something that isn't just ehhh.

Retta said...

Now if I could just convince my husband it's Healthy to be picky! ;-)


jo said...

F.B.S. is surely better than noassatall, isn't it? lol

Pretty good deficit even with the mishap. I love provolone cheese but haven't had it in, well, almost 2 years.

It's good to be picky.

Helen said...

So I know you're talking about "healthy" food here, but I've gotten to the point where I do that same thing with less nutritious foods like dessert. I decided a while back that I really don't like store bought desserts. If I'm spending calories on dessert I want it to be homemade and YUMMY. This simple thing has save me a whole lotta calories for sure. Especially at work where every other day there is a birthday cake. But hardly any are ever homemade.

bbubblyb said...

So true, I don't want to eat what isn't worth it either. Just noticed your new picture, you look terrific Chris, your legs look great and love the little smirk on your face *smile*.

Annie said...

This is something I'm just learning to do. Why eat it if it doesn't taste great and I don't really want it?!

You look FAB in your newest picture! Enjoy your flat butt, btw, I'd rather have it flat that a bubble like mine! :)

Jodie said...

I'm always impressed by your determination Chris! Nuts are a scary thing. I had to measure out some Almonds and put the bag awayor else I might have eaten a LOT!

Putz said...

if you make an honest mistakes on NUTS, my philosophy is rasther than pick walnuts off to compensate, just register in your brain what has happened and then at a later time way down the road, you could make a courage ous gesture<><><><>does that make sense??????

Christine said...

@ putz...like heaving nuts at the invading army? it's a thought.