I love my country...
I do.
I dont always love what we've become.
I did good today and yesterday, did the gym..the calories...so that's out of the way.
I am about to do a little political rant up in here.
I am sorry in advance.
some things should be said.
Stop calling each other names.
Stop pointing fingers.
Stop blaming anyone other than the psychotic that pulled the trigger.
We are americans first.
No hyphens
No parties
No bullsh*t
six people were murdered.
so sit your @sses down and Shut up.
I don't care about your theories and your conjecture.
I don't care about the supposed violent rhetoric.
We have been using violent rhetoric for years and NEVER ONCE
have I felt a nudge to gun down an innocent 9 year old girl.
Democrats are not communist Demons.
Tea partiers are not David Duke in cognito.
And it's republicans not rethuglicans.
These people are your neighbors and friends.
They are just like you, they just happen to think there are different solutions to different problems.
The have children, and homes, and hopes and dreams.
So if the hysterical babbling from the media could just stop now.
Maybe we can grasp the tattered remains of our waning dignity around us and act like the grown,
responsible and mature people we are..
and bury the victims.
And learn how to live and respect each other.
If we can't, we are doomed.
Captain obvious out.


Robin said...

Well said!

Unknown said...

Very well said.

Ice Queen said...

*wildly applauding*

Amber said...


Anonymous said...

Well said. And let me add this--it is not the rhetoric or the media. It is not even the psychotic person who pulled the trigger.

It IS--I know this from very personal experience--it IS the mental health laws that allow people who cannot choose treatment remain lose and untreated.

Bleeding hearts who mean well, but how do not know what it's like in real life, have constructed laws that forbid--FORBID--family members from forcing mentally ill loved ones into treatment.

Do not believe the "Unless they are a danger to themselves or someone else" crap. An indirect threrat to harm will not precipitate an involuntary commitment. The insane person--even if they have been in a state mental hospital a dozen times and carry the diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenic--cannot be forced to take their meds or be hospitalized. NOt even if they aren't eating because they think their food is poisoned.

My 5'9' mother was down to 110 pouinds and I couildn't get her committed--even tho I am her legal guardian. She wasn't commited until she lit a fire on her apartment balcony and the fired department found all of her stove burners lit when they answered the call.

I had been calling the mental health authorities at least once a week for MONTHS. When they finally admitted her to the local hospital, she had $2500 in small bills in her purse. She had been walking around town with money hanging out of her purse.

I could totally hijack your blog with this. Take my word for it--it's the mental health laws. The school had called the police FIVE times about that young man, yet he was still free and without treatment.

Blame inadequate and misguided laws and policies along with insufficient MH funds for those deaths--for that is where the blame lies.


Anonymous said...

No shit huh ! If everyone would stop (like you said) pointing fingers and trying to choose sides (being Democrat or Republican) and came together as One Nation Under God ~ I think we would work and be a little happier ~ BUT I don't see that happening anytime soon...

(sorry you hit a nerve with me) ... also a good note... Charity begins at HOME ... lets help our homeless, starving, underfed, busted a part military families FIRST

Alexia said...

sadly not everyone is as well balanced and considerate as you've expressed here, chris. now, excuse me, i have to finish reading the essay deb has posted above...it is riveting.

Unknown said...

Very well said. Sick people will do sick things, and its not because of words they hear, its because they are sick (or twisted, or evil, whatever you want to call it.)

And it is sad to see those from all sides jump on this as an opportunity to make the other side look bad, rather than just grieving the fact that a disturbed person did a tragic, horrific thing.

Unknown said...

Oh, and Deb makes some very valid points, and as a person with a mentally ill family member who became violent at one time, I can attest to the truth of this.
We, her family, tried everything to get her into treatment... but it it wasn't until AFTER she did something that they considered her a threat. Fortunately, she did not harm any human beings, at least not physically, though some people were undoubtedly traumatized emotionally.

Sheilagh said...

Bravo Chris.
Bravo Deb.

Natalia said...

Very well said!

Anonymous said...


Leslie said...

I love what Deb said and agree. How did this sick sick man get a gun?

I thought Obama's remarks at the service the other night were excellent. We can disagree with each other without questioning each others' love of country.

NewMe said...

Although I am very disturbed by some of the language used by politicians and popular talk-radio hosts, I have to agree that a big part of what happened last week was related to poor mental health care and laws that tie the hands of families who just want to protect their loved ones and society in general.

Two days ago in the city where I live, an obviously mentally ill (he was barefoot in the snow!) man stole an idling snow plow and went on a rampage. The man drove over and killed the police officer who tried to stop him.

Mental health. It's a big issue.

AlmostGastricBypass said...

This is why I have potty stories. So deep, I am so ignorant, Oy...

Retta said...

I tend to think if they stopped playing politics and genuinely put the welfare of Our Country above their own careers and grasp for power, we would HAVE better mental health care laws! They, meaning ALL parties.

I know... wishful thinking.

SeattleRunnerGirl said...

Here here!

blank said...

All true! Thank you for saying it, not enough people have the guts to say it! I am from just south of Tucson and work with a family member of that little girl and I can tell you it is more heartbreaking than meven the news has reported.

I hope in the end her death will not be meaningless, and not used as a manipulation for stricter gun laws, there has to be meaning in this horrible event somewhere.

Anonymous said...

While I have strong political convictions, I totally agree with you on this point. TOTALLY! Good grief people - grow up!

~South Beach Steve