okay, Got this award from annie.
Love it.
and am going to copy exactly the questions she chose to answer even though I know you can totally make up what you want to talk about...
but I liked hers and haven't talked about any of them..
My favorite nail color is:
by Revlon

My favorite flower is the yellow rose

My favorite pampering thing is
reading a trashy novel...

My favorite book in the bible is Nehemiah
I think it's the first person account and his rebuilding the walls.
That and the sentence Remember the lord, and fight.
My motto.

My favorite machine at the gym is also the elliptical...

My favorite beverage

starbucks espresso roast

My favorite material item
My sony walkman....I love listening to good music.
And not listening to kesha.
just sayin'.

Well, I did a really light workout tonight...just a three mile walk.
I am cleaning out my closets and straightening stuff out.
that's all tonight.
I will pass the award on tomorrow.
Have a great night guys,


Robin said...

I keep thinking that my novel needs a focus group. Maybe if I can pick some of those people. Or get some people to commit to wanting to do it, I will commit to finishing the darn thing. It isn't particularly trashy, but... I don't know... any interest?

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Some cool new stuff to know about ya!

Anonymous said...

haha. I'm doing another round of cleaning out. I'm down to the seriously stowed away stuff. I finished with all of the regular closets and drawers last year.

You'll like this: I'm cleaning out so that if I'm raptured soon, I don't want to leave a mess. ahahaha. nuts, or what? chuckle.


Christine said...

lol@ deb. I don't blame you...things are looking iffy.

Hyla said...


Putz said...

ought to break away from coffee although i appreciate the llok of your post