26 percent and when is it enough?

Body fat...
That's 'acceptable"
Meaning...according to body fat charts I am healthy even though technically I am 'overweight'.
I am 5'3.5" and 146 lbs as of my last weigh in.
My chest is 37
waist 29
hips 38
so, not bad.
Why is this important, as one person said I am not going to go around telling people my body fat percentage.
But it is important when you think of what you are composed of..
the more muscle the better.
muscle burns more calories, takes more calories to maintain
doesn't clog your arteries or suck your energy.
Considering I started with a bmi of 45...that feels pretty good.
You know...
i was talking to this same friend about something.
When do you know you have reached your goal?
some people get to a size 4 and aren't happy.
I set objective standards this time around because as I had posted previously..
I would wait to feel normal and then resume my prior destructive behavior.
I wanted an objective and rational way to understand what normal was..
and then work at achieving and maintaining it.
Knowing my body fat percentage is very helpful to me.
It is an objective measure.
I have a lot of muscle and I know that is 'adding' to the number on the scale.
I see other woman and they say "I am 145" and I think..hmmmm...
Then I realize that the composition of that 145 pounds may be different.
More fat, less muscle.
I have been working out for almost 20 months.
I have worked out now for 58 consecutive days in a row.
I do one hour of cardio 7 days a week.
I do at least 20 minutes of toning 3 days a week.
I do at least 100 situps 6 days a week.
I still want to lose about 10 more pounds...but I want to lose 10 lbs of fat.
I may gain another pound or two of muscle...so my friend is right.
I shouldn't be shooting for some magic number..
I should shoot for body fat, for how my body looks and feels...as long as I am within a healthy range and look the way I want..
I guess I will know that when I get there.
obsession with a specific number isn't what I want.
I do want to be healthy and fit and a good weight for my height.
That will be 'enough'.
Have a good one.
Night all,
and hugs,


Mer and Mo said...

I get the number thing. I am driven by that too, but I think that you really have to look at your own body and decide that you like "all" of the person that you see in the mirror. Not only are the outside changes important, but the inside changes as well. Then, that will be "enough."
I have to say that I am so impressed with your discipline and dedication to your workout schedule. It inspires me to strive to do something similar for myself. Thank you for sharing.
All the Best,

Amber said...

Great post Chris! You'll know when you get there! Awesome job!

outdoor.mom said...

you are rocken and you are right!! you are looken good and most likely composed of muscle!!

i used to read the silly weight loss type news stand magazines a lot when i was studying weight loss. later on i discovered that the body building/fitness ones for women were more realistic of what i wanted to achieve.

take for instance, a lot of the women i know do the hcg diet. no offense to any one who is, but they lose weight fast - incredible amounts. the first couple of weeks they are too weak to exercise. then they do these other phases. i see them in a month and they are tiny and i am JEALOUS of all the loss. i see them in 2-3 months and they have gained it all back (or all but 5-10). All that sacrifice really didn't give good long term goals. Yoyo dieting SUCKS the big one!!

Anyway, as i was saying, building muscle is more long term. The weight loss is long term. the health is something you sow into your being forever. the habbits i have began 6-7 years ago. These things you are doing last your life time. You've done things right and you look great.

Not meaning to ramble, just trying to describe a point that there are many facets to weight loss and you've chosen the right one. God Bless and you look fab!! Keep it up!!

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Great post! Where is that 'magic' spot? Most of us know what we were at some young, ideal point when we didn't appreciate it enough :) And then there's the totally out of control place that we know is unacceptable. So then there's the 'I really do care and want to be healthy and look good, but I don't want this to be all there is to me' thoughts.
It can be confusing, but I don't feel like it's impossible. Realist goals and moderation lead to a place of acceptance and happiness.
Again, your thoughts and the way you express them are spot on!

Hanlie said...

Yes, that's what it's all about - losing fat and gaining muscle!

Anne H said...

The numbers - I got. I'm there.
I have been since April.
But I still don't have the look.
You know, "The Look!"
So, I keep on. Bodies take their own time to settle in.
PS, Chris, you look great!

Susans Journey To Stay Fit said...

I am new to your blog I found it via Katie J. I like your tell it like it is style!
I think you look great in your Jan pic but it is all relative I get that. I would love to be your weight now but I could never maintain that low a number and eat/live comfortably in my skin if that makes sense.

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Great post, Christine and this put some things in perspective for me. It looks like I'm on the right track now. I'm at a normal weight but my body fat is still 30 so my switching gears from weight loss to regaining some muscle mass seems to be right on. I didn't know what body fat was considered normal but now that I do, I know what to shoot for. Thanks so much for this and your work outs are always inspiring for me.

Putz said...

ifin i was a 26 %lover that would be inadequate but for your puropses i am a champ at 26%

Jane said...

Hi Chris,
You look very fit and trim in your photos. You are not much above the top range of your BMI. You may be closer to a maintenance weight than you know.

I'm about the same height as you are, and I wish I could go back to your current weight. I felt good and looked good at that weight, and it suited me. Once I got to 127, I couldn't maintain it, and the frustration that produced was counterproductive to maintaining. This time, my goal weight will be between 140 and 145. The top range of my BMI is 141. I think you look wonderful!

Robin said...

I think that you are right that it has to be less about a number and more about how you feel. How you feel in your clothes, how healthy you feel, etc. I think that you are also right that you will KNOW when you get there. And then it will be maintenance.

Hyla said...

I just got a body fat composition, wish I had my paperwork from last years class to compare it to.

Hyla said...

P.S. You have an award on my blog!

Anonymous said...

"I guess I will know that when I get there.
obsession with a specific number isn't what I want.
I do want to be healthy and fit and a good weight for my height."

I couldn't agree more.

~South Beach Steve