I finally realized why I am so irritated....
I watched true grit.
and I will blog about it tomorrow.
i am glad the coin flip came out that way....it showed me what my issue was..
so there will be huge spoilers.
If you haven't seen the movie don't read tomorrow.
If you have or don't care to ever see the movie drop on by..
have a great night,
Chris out.


Rettakat said...

Jeff Bridges is a good actor, but NObody can be John Wayne, who starred in the original True Grit way back in the dark ages. ;-)

Jane said...

Sometimes things are revealed to us in a providencial way. It is always good to have clarity about ourselves. We're going to the movie tonight.

Karen Butler Ogle said...

I will drop by. I'm not planning to see it. :)

Hanlie said...

Can't wait! I will only see the movie when it hits the DVD rental stores over here, so by then I will have forgotten all the spoilers.

Michele said...

I saw the movie so will be back to read your thoughts.

Jodie said...

Just saw it last week - I'm interested to hear what you have to say about it!!