mental health break

going to the movies alone...will be seeing either true grit or the king's speech.
I will be eating popcorn and not counting.
I will be blowing off everything and everyone and enjoying myself for the 2 hours I spend at the theater.
I think I need a break from thinking.
that's what I think.
the uptight itchy crap is a sure sign that I am overloaded.
so, talk at you later.


Nicole said...

Everyone would be happier for a mental health break once in a while. :) Hope you have fun. The King's Speech looks great!

E. Jane said...

Good for you--taking a break! Enjoy the popcorn and the movie. We have seen "The King's Speech," (it's wonderful) but not "True Grit"--yet--but maybe this weekend. Take care of yourself, Chris.

Alexia said...

have an awesome time!! you deserve it :))

Ice Queen said...

I hope that you enjoyed your movie and popcorn.

Mmmm... Movie theatre popcorn... *drool*

Sheilagh said...

Hope you enjoyed what ever movie you chose. Taking "Me Time" is a very healthy way to go.



Sunshine's Heart said...

I hope you enjoyed yourself at the theater. I wish we had a second vehicle so that I could go out by myself sometimes. I hope you get the clarity you are looking for. Hugs. :)

paulawannacracker said...

enjoy Chris. I'm gonna have read the reviews on that movie. I thought I was the only one who took an afternoon here and there to sit alone in a theatre.

Anonymous said...

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