It's ON ! .AND I'm sorry...

Christian Bale..

More about that in a second.

I am feeling pretty frickin awesome today.
I ate 1460 calories
I did 23 minutes on the arc trainer and burned 250 calories
I did 20 minutes on a stairstepper and burned 150 calories
Then I did a one mile walk for a burn of 100 calories.
I also did 100 situps.
There is something about making up your mind and setting a goal that helps you focus.
I know what I want and how to get there.
It leaves little room for fluffing about.
There is no fudge room when you set boundaries.
The best way to start losing weight, or fixing a crappy relationship,
or moving forward with just about anything is to call out your goal and establish boundaries.

My boundaries are 1400-1500 calories a day
exercise every day
one cheat MEAL per month that must be consumed between the hours of 5 pm and 11 pm.
No fluffing.


Now on to poor poor Christian.
He was knocked unceremoniously on his @ss today by a most unexpected source.
A ballet dancer named Benjamin pirouetted his way into my heart.

Natalie (I am a lucky lucky girl) Portman's new fiance....
Natalie portman has gotten herself engaged to a man who looks to be a wonderful amalgam
Christian bale's hair and jaw line, ioan gruffudd's face and overall physique
and Hugh jackman's chest...
and he is smart AND has a french accent.

Hello Benjamin! Welcome to my world...

Well, that's all...
have a good night,


Alexia said...

And you don't approve of my Jason Mraz thing? ;)

Christine said...

only because of the hat....only because of the hat....

outdoor.mom said...

do you have any good advice for New Years Goals? Sounds like good advice on your post :-) Hope you had a good Christmas!!

Helen said...

Like Donkey Kong baby!

Leslie said...

So un-Javiar Bardem. But this way we don't have to fight over them.

Robin said...

Poor Christian. I am sure he is feeling very sad right now. Good for you on your Rocky approach to your goals. And Benjamin is smokin' so I totally approve. Natalie is a lucky girl!

I missed you on my post. Make that posts. Have I been kicked off the daily reading list? LOL. I guess that is what you get when you stop posting daily!!!

M Pax said...

Mmm, eye candy. Thanks!

Glad you're feeling so awesome :D

SeattleRunnerGirl said...

Thanks for the eye candy!

I LOVE it when a goal catches my heart on fire and I start tearing it up. I am trying to create that feeling TODAY with my good choices, one step at a time.

Ice Queen said...

Chris, you give great eye candy.

Thankyouverymuch! :D

Christine said...

@ice queen...you're very very welcome

Linda Pressman said...

I've got to see her new movie, but every time I tell my husband it's about a ballerina, you can imagine his response... He's more the Seth Rogan kind of movie guy. Oy.

Anonymous said...

I love it that you had an awesome day, although I feel a bit like I walked into an uncomfortable room with this post. :-)

~South Beach Steve

Anonymous said...

You're rockin it now, girlfriend!


Kenna loves it. Thank yo so much, having the rerplacement so soon made all of the difference.