tying it all together

okay..so what does self respect, setting boundaries and relationships have to do with weight loss..
short answer
It's hard enough losing weight without emotional sabatogue on every level.
Of course it is hard to deal with..
It's even harder to deal with when you stop using the one crutch you have used for years.
If you haven't learned how to handle your nearest and dearest (this includes you) through strait forward and constructive communication,
You will use your food crutch..
and that my friends, is death to the diet.

So....straighten out your relationships so they won't be huge obstacles on your way to good health.
I am keeping it short tonight..I am watching the wizard of Oz with my little one and then heading to bed early.

today was my weekly trip to barnes and nobles with my kids.
I always get a sweet treat while there...but I didn't go off my calorie plan
So if my food looks not the greatest..that is because
for today
it wasn't.
But this isn't the norm...
2 eggs/1 piece of toast 240 cal.
2 cups of coffee with sugar and milk 240 cal.
1 morning roll (quasi cinnamon roll from starbucks...less fatty, fewer cals) 350 cal.
1 coffee with splenda and 2 T. half and half 40 cal.
1 candy cane 40 cal.
6 ounces turkey sausage 270 cal.
6 ounces green and red bell pepper 35 cal.
6 mushrooms 25 cal.
1 tsp oil 50
8 crackers 96 cal.
1 T butter 100
1/4 cup pecans 200
40 cals for vitamin chews
So, I came in at 1454 calories today...
I did a three mile walk for a 300 calorie burn...
Back to the gym tomorrow for an even better burn.
pretty good.
Hope you all had a great day.
Will talk to you some more tomorrow...On Sunday I will update my weight.
My weigh ins are going amazingly well...so, Good news on Sunday I hope.
so coolness.
chris out.


Robin said...

Your posts are starting to feel like a Chess game. Are you planning your blogs six moves ahead? lol.

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Way to keep following the Yellow Brick Road, Chris.

Jane said...

Your comment about relationships is right on. Relationships can make or break a weight loss program, and I know that I have often used relationships as an excuse to go off plan--you know--the "poor me syndrome." Until we face the fact that relationships may be difficult, but we are responsible for what we put in our mouths in spite of them, weight loss is going to be difficult to achieve.

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Have a great weekend, dear. :)

Jane said...

Thanks for the comment on what I wrote about relationships on my blog. I have learned a good deal from reading yours, and "old baggage" from childhood is a very real albatross around my neck. I suspect that is also true for others who are struggling with weight. I like your "no nonsense" approach to being treated with dignity and respect. We all deserve it, and I pray that someday I can just let it go. I want to be free.

M said...

Great post. I love your blog it always inspires me.

w0rld4vamps said...

Hi! I saw your comment on my blog and I want to thank you for your encouraging words and for following me. We can do it!


Putz said...

just wonder for one minute that i was your hubby and i prefered fat {cubby}women, like the mwen in russia like women DO<><>><>on the pl;ump side cause they are healthier and heartier, i mean hardier both probably><><><>more to cuddle<><><>><hey i think i am only teasing you causde i know they couldn't be as healthy as they should be rigt if they are overweight????????