Feeling gorgeous....

Feeling Gorgeous, natch...
Thank you Leslie at something brilliant is brewing....a link is over there to the right...
So I think it's six things you don't know and seven bloggers I think are gorgeous.
Six things you don't know....about me...
um, yeah.
Cause I am so secretive...
But I'll try.
1. When I was a kid, my favorite place to hide was an oak tree in our back yard. (Keep in mind we had two acres)....The oak tree had no branches for the first fifteen feet, but right next to it was this white birch. So I would shimmy up this birch tree and climb on to the large limb that jutted out from the side. I would sit up there for hours and daydream. No one ever found me.

2.) I used to be an avid cyclist. When I was 16 it was nothing for me to do forty miles in a day. I felt free on my ten speed.

3.) I hate guns. I am a member of the NRA, I believe in a person's right to keep and bear arms, I just don't want them anywhere around me. This could have something to do with the fact that I have been shot at...not a pleasant experience.
4.) Before I found out you had to be catholic, one of my earliest ideas for future employment was to become a NUN. yes, really. Then I realized that they didn't have southern baptist nuns and that put the kibosh on that idea.

5.)In the same line, I saved myself for marriage, well to just right before marriage but ....technicalities. Yes, really. And I am still married to the same guy. I am also still glad I did. (i'm also glad I married young...lol)

6.) I love to fish. I don't need to catch anything, I can just sit there and cast it out and reel it in, cast it out reel it in...so long as I am alone. Don't be nattering at me the whole time, cause it just ruins the whole thing.

I doubt I'll get seven people....
Amber faith love kids and me
and Exquisite christine....her blog is below...I love all her charts. Plus we have both lost 52.4 lbs and we are both named Christine(a)
I think that's all for now...
those four will do...I will make comments tomorrow and tell them. Again, Thank you leslie! I love your blog and would boomerang it back if I could.
Did an hour on the precor, 570 cals. burned...5 miles walked/ ellipticalled...
96 situps and 39 modified pushups.
Keep up the good, hard work..keep pushing towards your goals.


jo said...

Are you a Southern Baptist now? You don't remind me of any of the SB's I know in real life--no where near. Hmmm. lol about the Nun.

How scary to be shot at. I'd hate guns, too. I love to shoot, but when our son was born, all the guns got put up and haven't seen the light of day since. Except the 22 my dad gave him, which we have never shot.

Congrats on the award! =)

Christine said...

I am an sb who dances to rock and roll lol.

bluenotes said...

oak trees and fishing?! I think we are soul mates!!
I have an oak leaf tattooed on my foot. For every member of my dad's family, we have an oak tree planted for us on this huge property our family has owned for like 400 years. it's kind of amazing to see the oldest trees out there...that are like 200 + years old (its an old tradition), all the things carved in them, and how my oak tree is still pretty small compared to my dads thats 60years old now, but right next to his =). i love it.

fishing...i'm a carolina girl, my fondest memories are fishing in my backyard pond!! people think i'm so weird when i ask them to go fishing in the summer...until they come with me and see how fun & cute it is!

also...your exercising is AMAZING. you are really inspiring me to do a lot more. What is a PreCor by the way?

Leslie said...

Hi Chris,
The 2 acres with the oak and birch conjure up a lovely image in my mind. Sounds peaceful. Not unlike solitary fishing. You clearly have a peace within to enjoy meditative alone time.

I'm with you on guns. The guy I married and I actually talked about guns on our first date, and agreed we'd never want one in any house we lived in!

Good work on the work outs. I'm sweating just reading about it all.

deisegal said...

Awww shucks thank you!

Fascinated about the nun bit. Am a Catholic but it neeeeeeeever crossed my mind to become one ;-)

Also fascinated by the gun part! Guns are not legal here (except for hunting I suppose and even then there are very strict regulations surrounding licences etc. I only know this because someone I work with actually has a gun and she has to keep it on a range and can only use it there or some weird sh1t...) Even without the multitude of guns people still find ways to harm each other here.

Anonymous said...

I've never held a gun but I have this strange desire to go to a firing range and shoot one. I would never have one in the house, as I'm sure my curious son would find it. Congrats on your award!

South Beach Steve said...

I love finding out these things that we would never really put on our blogs otherwise. The tree sounds like a place I would have enjoyed as a child too. Fishing though, not so much.

bbubblyb said...

Thanks for your nice comment on my blog Chris. It was fun coming over to meet you and finding out cute little things about you *smile*. My dad loved to fish and often lived on the water so I have fond memories of fishing too (other than having to torture worms, I'm a girl what can I say lol). I'm not a gun person either and I don't think I've ever climbed a tree in my whole life, something to put on my goal list. Way to go on your great workout.

Unknown said...

I'm with you on the fishing - I LOVE to fish and 5 years ago I discovered fly fishing and I've been doing it ever since. Nothing like walking the streams in the middle of no-where catching fish. I've got a few pics on my blog with some of the scenery... It's so peaceful!

InWeighOverMyHead said...

That was so fun to learn more about you!

- Lisa

Christine Jeske said...

Yay, thanks for mentioning me!

I am glad I married young too. But I sewed quite a few wild oats first. I regret that life didn't work out so that I was the virgin bride I had always wanted to be, but I don't regret the stregnth and knowledge I gained.

I grew up fishing and haven't gotten to go in almost 10 yrs. I tried to get my husband out this year but most the parks close to fishing this month and we didn't get our licenses bought in time. I need to go next summer. Big need.