NSV...ogled by a redneck

Yes sirree,
just when I thought getting my butt pinched by my husband yesterday would be the highlight of my week.....I reached a new milestone in my weight loss efforts.
I was ogled by a redneck.
How did this happen you may ask?
Well, I stopped by the 7-11 (well known red neck hang out)
I forgot to eat lunch so I was there to pick up some pistachio nuts and water before I went on a hike.
I get in my mini van and proceed to the intersection, pop a pistachio nut in my mouth when I felt like someone was STARING AT ME.... I look to my left and lo and behold, there is this dude leaning out of his old ford truck grinning, and staring at me. So, I am like okay...maybe he thought I was someone he knew and now he knows better. So I do the sideways look...and he says...HEEEEEEEEEEEEY....
then thankfully the light turned green and i got to leave.
So, NSV...I am no longer invisible to red necks. lmao.
Did a 3.5 mile hike/walk today. Kept my calories to 1650 and now am up for title of "Queen of double wide trailers".
Hope you were leared at by a strange, slightly dirty redneck today as well....
Chris (double wide queen)


jo said...

OH my gosh....this post with that song....I'm busting a gut here!

Congrats on being ogled--I think! lol

KrysTros said...

LOL girl you are crazy! That is good stuff there!

My Own Two Feet said...

I didn't get oogled by a redneck, but I did get repeatedly checked out by the waitress at the Fryn Pan. The funny part is that it didn't start until after I ordered my food (2 eggs over easy cooked in vegelean (0 cal) cooking spray instead of oil, and 2 pieces dry wheat toast..

After that I think she saw the inner hottie.

Roxie said...

LOL! Way to go Chris. Her Royal Highness, indeed!

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes, we could all do with a little more redneck love! Mom's in minivans are just hot to some people. Well, I've never been blessed by that kind of attention, but now you've got my hopes up.

Lorie said...

Ahhh rednecks....you gotta love em!!

mommy2joe said...

One of the best parts of living in the South. The ogling redneck population. I was recently ogled by a redneck, too, who, after hearing me speak at a PTO luncheon about social networking (and where I was outed as a blogger), he winked and told me "not to go losin' too many of those curves now".

It's times like this that make all of our hard work worth it, right?

Hanlie said...

No ogling here, but the day is not over yet!