pretty woman

hey all,
Did my girl scout thing tonight with the kids. I think I might be settling in, then again...one of my more challenging girls wasn't there tonight...I had three missing. But five were there. We did our pledge (all the girls know it including my two daisy's) I was so impressed cause my daisys are in kindergarten. We did a 'friend book' and talked about our friends, old and new. It was really nice. We also practiced signing our ABC's. Tonight was the first night I really felt like I had my feet under me. If you know what I mean.
I also went out and rented a couple of movies tonight. My husband and I watched Valkyrie, and while it was a good movie...I found it really difficult to muster up sympathy for a Nazi fighting Nazis. *spoiler alert....if you care to watch this movie do not read the next sentence*I did shed a tear when they shot the guy, but honestly, it was more for his kids.

I also rented pretty woman. I don't know how many of you have teenagers, but you reach a point in popular culture when you are talking about a movie and your teenager says "What movie is that?"
Then you are forced ;o) to go out and rent this movie so they know what you are talking about. I rented pretty woman tonight. While there were a few moments in there that made me squirm a bit (not the condom scene, but the piano scene was awkward) . Kate thought this was funny as apparently she watched some vampire movie that was WAY WORSE on the Internet....(Good heads up Kate, Just wait till we install the filter)...
By the end of the movie it was; Does she leave him? Do they end up together?
A good move is a good movie in any decade.
BY the way She hasn't seen Dirty dancing, Grease, and numerous other movies.
I still remember renting All the presidents men (one of my favorite movies and books) and watching it with Kate, and then telling her when it was over that it was a true story. That was priceless.
Dieting front, a wash...it was a high calorie day on purpose, 2200 calories and absolutely no exercise. So maintenance calories, maintenance movement and a nice bowl of popcorn. Tomorrow it is back OTK and back to the gym.
Nice exercise and diet post tomorrow.


Hanlie said...

It must be nice sharing your "defining" movies with your daughter. It makes me sentimental!

Jack Sh*t, Gettin Fit said...

One of the great things about having kids is introducing them to the really great movies. Sat and watched Ghostbusters the other night with my daughter Pisa and we just rolled...

Anne H said...

Every time I come here I hear "I've Got You, Babe,"
I think about Beavis and ButtHead singing with Cher in a virtual reality episode/video.
OTK again-

KrysTros said...

"The Boy in the Striped Pajamas" is a pretty good and sad movie. I just watched it the other night.

On the diet front, everyone has an off day. You will be back on track in no time! You are doing good, keep it up! Love reading your blogs!