Seven days.....and an nsv.

Hey all,
How's it going. Well, today was the start of another week.
I have two new recipes I am going to try this week. They are both from a weight watchers cookbook my mom sent me last christmas. Yes, that would be BEFORE I started losing weight...but we won't dwell on that.

One is chicken stuffed with sundried tomato and feta. The other recipe is a sausage, bean and spinach soup. The both look really good. I am trying to find new meals to replace some of the old meals.

Yesterday was really busy. I woke up, went down to angel food with my daughter and two of the other girls from my girl scout troop. We helped hand out food for an hour.

Then my youngest and I stopped for a pumpkin at Walmart. I got home, did dishes and laundry. Then at 3 we had a 'pumkin carvin party' to attend. There were about 25 kids there, all carving their own pumpkins. We stayed for two hours and had a great time. I met several neighbors and I carved an intricate pattern my little one picked out...it was of a witch and a ghost. It didn't look too bad.
It was a nice fall day.
Then as we were leaving the party, my neighbor to the right of me was walking about fifty feet ahead and she stopped, turned around and came back and said; "I just wanted to tell you that you look incredible. What have you been doing?"
Now, this is the first person either unrelated to me, or not a close friend...to make a comment.
I was very happy she noticed, but then realized she was actually waiting for me to respond to that second part. You know....this is the part where I say "I ate less, and exercised more."
Which can come off as a little smart *ss if you're not careful.
So I said " I eat about 1600 calories a day and exercise six days a week.
(eat less and exercise more)
She says "oh, well you look great."
I said "Thank you".
We moved on.
Why do people never want to hear, I ate less and exercised more?
I know I didn't.
Seven months ago.

So, I went to the gym after that and did the precor for 60 minutes.
Tonight, I went to the gym and did 50 minutes on the precor and
10 minutes on the STAIRSTEPPER.
I thought I was going to heave. My goodness. Why is it soooo hard.
I made it though. ;0) Kept it to 1600 calories or less both days.

My plan for the week then.
At least 80 oz. of water a day
1 hr. of exercise/ 6 days this week
2 serv. fruit/3 serv. veggies per day.
1500/1600 calories per day
7 hrs. sleep per night min.

That's it for the next seven days.
Hope all is well in your world and that your "eating less, and exercising more'. lol.


Amber said...

Recipies sound good. I like to try new food, I just don't like having to be the one to cook it.
I like your plan for the week. I really like the 7 hours of sleep each night. I don't remember the la time I had 7 hours.
oh, and you do look great, I know I am a friend but I hope it counts too.

Christine said...

(psssst, Amber....you were the close friend ;P.)

Hanlie said...

Great NSV! Good luck with the week ahead!

South Beach Steve said...

First of all, grats on the NSV. I love to hear things like that.

I am also always amazed at people's response when I tell them what I did. I ate less and exercised more. Of course, you can always elaborate on that, but that is generally the gist of it. Everyone is hoping you are going to share a magic pill with them though.

Tara Stevens said...

glad to hear you getting such positive, and deserved, feedback :-) betcha had a warm glow for the rest of the day

I know what you mean about people not wanting to hear that you follow the tried-and-tested 'eat less, do more' approach as it's difficult! haha people want to hear that you've taken a magic pill and where they can get it!

deisegal said...

We actually watch Fox News a good bit even though I end up shouting at the TV more often than not. It's the only US TV we get that's "undiluted" i.e CNN and MSNBC do "Euro-pudding" versions of the news and I can get that on 20 other news channels.

Chicken+Sun dried tomatoes+feta=how can you go wrong!! :-)

I haven't had a "oh you lost weight" comment in a long time because well, I haven't lost any weight in a long time but you do feel slightly apologetic telling people you lost weight the "boring" way instead of having it sucked out of you with a vacuum cleaner. Ho hum!

Dani @ PFL said...

Congrats on the recognition! I remember the exact moment someone other than family told me they were amazed by my progress. It's an amazing feeling!

I hope you enjoy your new recipes. It's going to be a good week ... I just know it!

Jack Sh*t, Gettin Fit said...

It's funny because I've had people strike up conversations with me at the gym and comment about my loss that weren't even on my radar. You think people you don't really know won't notice, but they do oftentimes. Just one more reason to keep doing what you're doing...

Yeah, we need to come up with a sexier answer than "eat less, exercise more." I find that it almost pisses folks off...

Unknown said...

You are doing awesome!

@ what you said about Halloween on my post. I like your style with what you are doing. I do not have a problem specifically with Halloween. But it is just that kids and adults are eating more candy all the time, every day. Candy is not a treat anymore, it is something you get every time you go through the checkout, have dinner, or just need a snack.

bluenotes said...

yummm that chicken feta/tomato sounds so good! anything feta & tomato is okay with me =)

i love your goals! you're reaching for the stars & i love it. I was wondering, when you do cardio, do you try to stay in a certain heart rate range?

Unknown said...

I love those NSV from people outside of your personal circle. These people don't have anything invested in you and therefore their comments are very real - they truly mean them. Not that those closest to you aren't real honest comments.... It's just different.

And your recipe's sound delish.. Let us know how they turn out.

Las Vegas Weight Loss Challenge said...

Its always good to mix up your food choices and keep them healthy. That way you don't get tired of them and move back to the fatty foods. Good work!
Thats awesome you got a compliment! Its funny how simple weight loss can be, but people don't want to hear it. They want the easy fix.

Emmett said...

Great job getting the exercise in!

Lori said...

Of course people don't want to hear that you have to do work to lose weight and get fit! They want some quick and easy fix. You are doing it the best way ;)