Take that!...fast food....

Well, I didn't want to cook tonight so I asked my darling husband and kids if they would like to eat out. They said YEAH!!!!
Those poor people haven't had a hamburger in months. We were what you might call fast food "heavy users"...in my case it was an appropriate moniker. In theirs, not so much. It wasn't healthy, but there you have it. It's been about five months since we last saw a burger joint drive through. I took them through, then I went to subway and had my six inch sub with veggies. It's five hundred calories total if you count the black olives, which I do. I also had ONE onion ring. I counted it as fifty calories merely for the joy it gave my mouth. I didn't want more, just wanted a taste, and a taste was enough. I didn't feel deprived.
The best part of this story was when I got back in the car and my husband said "I didn't recognize you from behind".
Then he pinched my butt.
Which I am taking as a compliment.
I kept my calories at 1560 for today. My weigh in is in four days, and I am hoping for an 8 pound loss for the month. We shall see. If I do, It means I will be 210 lbs and about a month and a half away from (w)onederland. A place I could not even see the horizon of when I started in May. It's been eight years since I've seen 210 lbs. 9 since 190, which after (w)onederland, is my next big goal...

Wait. No, you know what, make that 189. 190 was what I was stuck at for a year and a half, once I hit (w)onederland I am headed for the one eighties, screw this half *ssed crap. I'm going, who's coming with me?
I knocked it out of the park today, I did an hour on the precor...five miles and 570 calories, then 96 sit ups (36 crunches then 3 sets of 10 on left and right obliques)
Hey fat trainer, (sean) I have been doing those ab exercises you gave me...they have been awesome. If you haven't been, go to Fattrainers site, you will find a link on my blog roll. He isn't currently working as a trainer but he has some really awesome tips on exercises if you ask. If you're like me and can't afford a trainer, it can be really helpful...So thanks again sean! Once I ditch fifty more pounds and you can actually start to see my abs, I will take a picture.
well, hope everyone is on track and headed in the right direction.


Brightcetera said...
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Amber said...

5 miles...Pretty darn good!
Next you'll be doing a marathon!
Keep up the good work.

Sean said...

Haha, thats awesome, I'm glad you're enjoying them. On a side note, you are my new unofficial/official/charity PR Woman. And you are totally awesome

Roxie said...

I'm a big fan of the pat on the ass!

Tara Stevens said...

well done on avoiding the hamburgers and *especially* well done on just having one onion ring! That's awesome that you were able to eat just one and that not lead to eating more, such control, very impressive - I wish I was like that with red wine... oh, just one glass, just a little taste - which leads to "okay, just another small glass" - dammit! Okay so I don't drink *that* much but I resent using up any extra allowance on those empty calories!

Leslie said...

96 sit ups! OMG! I'd have to be hospitalized. Great work. Listen, thanks for your thoughtful comment on my blog yesterday. Really helpful. Your post is great, as it puts me in mind of myself. I've been in ONEderland for about 2 months but am keeping myself sort of stuck between 193 and 198. Better than 197 and 200 that I did for the prior month! Anyhoo, I'm seeing this through, no matter how long it takes. Your blog is great - I look forward to checking it out everyday!

Unknown said...

I hit onederland this year and can't seem to get past the 185-193 range. Kind of like my body is adjusting, so I've got to start kicking it's ass again and get it moving downward. I'll be coming with ya!
And way to go on the 5 miles on the precor...