Yesterday....is dead and gone.....

Welcome to Chrisbodia, Day one, Year Zero.
This is my philosophy....
or in modern speak,
This is How I roll....
Yes, Everyday is Day one-
Year zero.

What does that mean? Just this....
Yesterday is yesterday. It doesn't count for Today.
I did great Yesterday.
I lost 52.4 lbs in the Last Five Months.
Woo hoo.
You know what it means Today
Jack sh*t * (*See below)
If I don't workout TODAY
If I don't eat right TODAY
If I lay down and quit on myself TODAY.
Those 52.4 lbs lost will be nothing but a memory,
A memory that will soon be sitting on my big fat behind....... again.
Unless I lay down Yesterday, and pick up Today.

It works the same way with what you didn't do Yesterday.
There is nothing you can do about your yesterdays.
Did you screw up?
Did you let someone down?
Did you blow the only thing that mattered to you, but you didn't realize it till it was gone?
Do you think your best years are behind you, so what is the point?

I have a better question.
Are you breathing?
Did you wake up on the right side of the dirt this morning?
This is your new start.
You still have a shot at creating the kind of life you have always wanted.
Do you have barriers erected in your mind?
I know I did.
Boy I wish I had had piano lessons when I was a kid.
Why not start them now?

Boy I wish I had learned how to defend myself when I was a kid, I wish I was a black belt.
Why not do it now?

These are only rules in your own mind.

And here, here is the final lie we tell ourselves.
We say, I've failed at this dieting thing over and over and over..

Yes you can.

What you have to stop doing is looking for the shortcut.
A favorite saying in our house is this:

"No way through it but to do it."

There is no barrier in your way.......But YOU.

There is no magic pill to make you thin.
No Magic surgery that will cure a mind that isn't well.
No fat fairy to come and take your fat away...(personal problem ;0P)

There is just you.
And I know, through the years you have told yourself many things.
I am a cow.
I am worthless.
I don't deserve it.

Now you need to tell yourself.
I can.
I will.
I am.

Have a great week guys.
Will be back up tomorrow night with my New Plan for the next two and a half months.
It's My race to (w)one-derland. Join me, won't you....and start running your own race. We'll cheer each other on.

(*Jack Sh*t is a wholly owned subsidiary of Jack Sh*t industries....this is a different Jack Sh*t, and any resemblance between the Jack Sh*t on this blog and the Jack Sh*t blogging personality is completely coincidental.....nuff said)


Christine said...
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bluenotes said...

awww this was such a great post. you & jack are both huge inspirations to me. you're really encouraging me to keep going, thank you so much!!

My Own Two Feet said...

That is the right kind of attitude right there.

I always say, "Today is the only thing I can control, so I am going to own it."


Christine said...

Thanks Josh.

Christine said...

Thank you blue note as well...Jack is a huge inspiration to me, as well as many other people. Thank you for commenting on my post.

Brenda said...

Congratulations on your 54+ pounds, Chris!
Good points on our yesterdays. As you know we had a funeral to attend on Sat. They always, at least for me, put life in proper prospective. We don't have time for regrets.

deisegal said...

54lbs is pretty impressive. You're right though you have to keep ploughing. From my own experience I have lost weight many a time and then reached a point where I thought "I done good!" and then it all comes back.

Thanks for your note on my blog btw, I like yours too. I found it through a note you left on another favourite of mine, blogging rocks ;)

Anonymous said...

Are you a motivational speaker? You should be. I love that I woke up to your blog this morning.

Hanlie said...

Wow! You really know how to lay it out! Right on, sister! You've "got" it!

Leslie said...

Great philosophy and well said. Thanks for sharing in your comment that your husband is sober. I wish him a great sobriety one day at a time! And I love your music!

Melissa said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog! I'd love to answer your questions, but there was no e-mail address when I hit reply. Anyway, you should be able to respond to this post and we can e-mail.
Love your blog!!!

Dani @ PFL said...

Holy smokes! This made me cry because I needed to hear *exactly that* so badly! So thank you!

Christine said...

Thank you for saying that, what you said is what I needed to hear so badly, I hope that people don't think I think I know everything. I don't. I am glad I could say something that helped.

Unknown said...

Wow 54 lbs... that's fantastic. And what a great Post! I'm trying to catch-up and I'm reading them backwards...
You sure know how to put the words together that obviously hit home with a lot of folks. Thanks Chris.

Emily Gray Clawson said...

Just what I needed to hear and what I've been trying to express myself. Perfectly said. Now I'm DOING it. Today.

Jack Sh*t, Gettin Fit said...

Damn, girl. Between the two of us, we've lost a grown-up.

Excellent post.