Old New Pants

You know how all us 'big boned' types have pants that we passed on our way to our current size, right? Well, I have a special propensity for buying 'goal pants'.
Everytime I wanted to lose weight in the past, I would buy pants that were too small, cause I would be in them soon enough. Well, the last time I tried to lose weight was the 2005/2006 time frame. I went down to around 219 or so if i remember correctly. At that time, around 229 or so, I bought a pair of workout pants one size too small. I never quite got into them. Oh I could pull them up to my hips, but no further and they were tiiiiiiight. Well, I thought for sh*ts and giggles, I would attempt to don these pair of old navy 1x sweat pants. I thought "what the Hey, lets give her a go to see how far I am from them fitting. I pulled them all the way up and can even bend and breath. They aren't the most attractive pants in the world, I look quite tubby in fact. But they fit, my old new goal pants fit. Hows that. That means in all my dieting quests thus far, I have gotten farther than I have ever gotten since 2001. I am the lowest weight since 2001. Pretty good. Like I wrote in an earlier post. 210 was my highest pregnancy weight with my youngest, 190 my starting weight. 179, My highest weight in germany...156 my lowest. I was 138 when I met my husband. I plan to be 132 someday. I will be.
I went to the gym, I did my precor efx. I had to have the resistance on 3 and the elevation on 3 to get my heart rate up to the 130's. I burned 480 calories. I consumed 1600 calories today.
My next weigh in is October 18th. In some ways this is easier and in some ways this is hard. NO official weight for a month is a bit strange, but it allows me to not get so caught up in the time issue. I don't feel so pressured. I can just do what I am supposed to do.
Hope everyone is on program.


Brightcetera said...
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KrysTros said...

I have 3 different sizes in my closet. I have passed by 8 sizes while gaining weight and I am currently down one size and a half. You can do it!

Hanlie said...

Well done! That is such a good feeling.

I have some donated clothes, some of which fit me already, but some that are just too tight. I will be wearing them before long!

Roxie said...

What a great attitude you have, Chris. You will do this. And congrats on the pants! I invented pants! ha

Easy Losing Weight said...

Goal pants. Great idea.

jo said...

How cool is that, getting into your old goal pants! Congrats.

You have great determination...can't wait to congratulate you at goal! =)