uck...no exercise...but a new vacuum

so I missed my gym day....
cause I was preparing for a party (my daughter's halloween party) when my vaccuum died. I couldn't have a party without a clean carpet (not ocd at all), so the hour I was SUPPOSED to spend getting my sweat on was spent at walmart attempting to flag down a walmart associate (WHERE ARE THEY?!) and purchase a relatively, but not too cheap, vacuum. I got a hoover turbo wind or some such thing. Why does every vaccuum have to sound like spring in Kansas. I don't know.
It's red and is bagless, so good enough.
I cleaned vigorously for four hours so I guess that may count for something. I am at 1700 calories and will probably end at 1850 because of two slices of pizza and a coke for dinner. Not too bad, Before I would've eaten a half a pizza. With my last two days loggin in at 1340, about 260 calories under for two days...and today coming in 250 over...on average I am under in calories for the last three days. Back otk tomorrow. Only 18 days till weigh in...don't want to muff it up.
Going back to the gym tomorrow to pound it out for an hour on the precor. I am going to try for 100 sit ups and 45 pushups.
Hope you all didn't do too much damage tonight with the candy and the crap...on the upside, I didn't touch a candy bar...so all is well.
*update* lol, am currently listening to 3 fifteen year olds scream and jump their way through amityville Horror....(should I sneak outside, wait till it's really tense, then pound on the window?)
Happy Halloween,


KrysTros said...

Next year I will be giving my nephew a Halloween party which will be a birthday party in disguise. I sure hope I don't have to spend 4 hrs cleaning for it. It will be in our garage and I will just let them hang out for 2 hours. Will probably have to either buy fans or floor heaters b/c the weather is so weird here in Texas. Started off hot today, froze our butts off 2 hrs into handing out candy! You deserved a little break away from the gym today. Oh, the picture I photoshopped so it is a bit devoid of skin color in the foreground. Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!

deisegal said...

LOL did you sneak up on them in the end. My boyfriend is planning to dress up as a ghost (well put a sheet over his head) next year and scare the bejaysus out of the trick or treaters. Well he probably only said it for a laugh but I'll remind him of it next year!

"cleaning house exercise" is good because you actually have a clean house at the end of it. Huzzah!

Anonymous said...

Amityville Horror scared the bejingles out of me when I was a kid. I hope you knocked on the window...would have loved to have seen that reaction!

Chupsie said...

Thankyou that means so much coming from you. Since reading everything that youve been through I know that you understand the situation... Thank you again

Melissa said...

please tell me you knocked on the windows...