Crazy Good

Hey all.
man did I have a good day.
I got up feeling good.
Determined to have a 1500 calorie day.
And I had one.
Yeah Me!
I got to the gym and did an hour and a half of exercise.
I burned 600 calories.
And you all know about the key to the car, the refridgerators, and a few other things that have been peeing in my cheerios lately...
Well....We finally got rid of our old couch (they had to come pick it up)
and the only thing we had left in the garage to get rid of was our old fridge.
Well, When my husband came in from work he showed me a flyer someone had put on our door.
It was for free scrap metal haul away.
Well, for the garbage people to come and get it, it was going to take some money.
We had to have an electrician come out and 'decomission' it.
Then we would have had to pay extra for haul away.
well these guys did it for free..
So we also got rid of the fridge today.
I also got a 10 cent per gallon discount on gas when I filled up, and the coffee I drank today for mid morning snack was perfect.
Not too dark, not too light
I have milk and eggs for tomorrow morning, I straightened out my organizer and my house is clean.
Great day.
Tomorrow is church and then to the gym...
I have decided on an everyday till May exercise thing.
It doesn't mean hard core exercise every day.
Just some form of movement every single day till may 18th of next year.
Then If something big comes up and I miss a day I am not going to get bent out of shape...just pick up where I left off.
Jack lalanne did it all his life.
I can make it till may.
I will just be taking a nice stroll on the treadmill tomorrow for an hour while I read.
Hope you all have a great night.
Off to visit blogs.


Mary Ellen said...

Wow, how cheerful! Be careful with that--it can be contagious! :) I'm glad you had a great day! Dare we hope it's the start of a streak? :D

Christine said...

I hope it is...lolol.

Linda Pressman said...

Hey Chris, great about the stuff cluttering up your life suddenly working themselves out! I told my daughter today that I'm going to start wanting what I have and the first step to doing that (my house specifically) is uncluttering it so that there's more space for us to live in.

Rettakat said...

I love it when little blessings like that (the flyer on your door) pop up just when needed!

Joy said...

Awesome Day! I'm ready for one today. I've been awake since 3am....just waiting for a proper time to get started!!!

Love the exercise goal. I am so ready to go to the next level. Can't wait!!

Keep focused!

C. said...

Great attitude! Getting decluttered and reorganized always gives my a hopeful outlook too. Way to set some goal! :)

Melissa said...

Sounds like everything is definitely going the right way. Good for you!

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Congrats on staying on track! Every day counts. One day at a time always wins in the end.

Robin said...

Good ole Jack. He has been such a wonderful source of inspiration for you. And you have spread that on to others. I can always tell when you get a plan. When you don't have one, everythng is murky and you get into a funk. Once you get the plan straight, everything gets better. I suppose with no plan it is like there is too much static and no ability to think clearly. If you can't think, you can't do.

BEE said...

thanks happy thanksgiving to you too