Say it with me..

hey guys,
back from the abyss..also known as my house.
I organized my makeup.
That was amusing to write...my 'makeup' used to consist of a tube of lip gloss, eyeliner and well...that was pretty much it...blush if it was a special day.
Now I have a drawer of eyeshadow, a drawer of blush and pressed powder and a cup of eyeliners, a cup of lip liners, about 20 lipsticks and brushES.
Once I found out applying makeup was like drawing a picture I was hooked.

Now on to the title of my post.
There used to be a phrase in my vocabulary that took a detour somewhere along the way (over the last few months) on my journey to good health.
The phrase.
Said at birthday parties, adult nights out, movie nights with the kids, and sunday dinners.
Said to a variety of waiters at Three Margaritas who never saw me enter their doors because I wouldn't (couldn't without folding like a cheap suit)
I would merely glance longingly in it's direction and whisper a sad and solemn "no, thank you".
No thank you to your chips and freshly made salsa"...
"No thank you to your creamy spinach enchilada with cheesy rice and coleslaw"
No thank you to your icy cold root beer!"

Now for the foresseable future *except thanksgiving day and Christmas Eve*...I will be saying no thank you to any calories above and beyond 1500...
So, farewell buttery crackers....

till we meet again..after I reach goal.
Say it with me....
No thank you.

Great night at the gym...450 calories burned, 150 situps, upper body toning I will go into my new routine tomorrow.
Tonight I am just going to blog, comment and take a shower and go to bed before I eat.


Unknown said...

oohhh good bye crackers.... NO THANK YOU! :) I said NO THANK YOU to the bread today. *sigh* I miss it already.

Retta said...

I once tried to explain to my husband that it was fun to put on makeup (when not in a rush) because it felt like an "artistic" thing to do. He looked at me like I had a screw loose, LOL!


Fat Grump said...

I find 'no thank you' quite hard to say, must admit.

Now I say "Um..I'll have just a little bit" and mean it.

This is progress. It used to be "Let me at it - NOW!" Yum. Scoff.

I CAN say 'no thank you' to puddings after dinner, and to calorific wine. I actually prefer water now. That is progress. I think the more we say "No thanks" the easier it gets. I shall practice saying it more often and wean myself, I hope, off even more foods.

Morgan said...

Wow, "no, thank you" is so polite! When I am saying no to the food itself, I find that if I am polite about it, there is a good chance that I won't stay away. I have to say things like "No way!" "Back off!" or "Hell, no!" Although, you have to be careful about that if there is someone holding the tray/plate of food that you are talking to - there is much room for misunderstanding ;)

Helen said...

Whatever works. For me?


Mary Ellen said...

Jumping up out of your chair and dramatically pointing while screaming, "Get thee away from me Satan!" is pretty effective, as people tend to panic and throw whatever treat they have on the floor, thus ridding everyone of the temptation, plus they vow to themselves never to offer you anything ever again. :)

Robin said...

Never heard this song before (Carry Out) but I am liking it. I am thinking I might have to add it to my playlist. My taste it is changing. Who knew? I am gettin' gangsta in my old age. Instead of no thank you, I am saying "bring it." We are talking about music and not food. Although, I am really not into the sweets. I am still losing about 2-3 pounds a month. I am now down to 107. My mom is going to blow a gasket if/when I hit a 100. I was 102 when I moved to FL in 2006 and that was my all-time low. Right now that is looking like January. Ah well...

Anonymous said...

OK. Not that I want to encourage that kind of comment, you understand, but Mary Ellen's comment made me LOL!!! I got this visual when she described the reaction and just really LOL!

Very funny. I can almost see myself doing that and MEANING it!


Linda Pressman said...

Chris, I tweaked my food plan about 6 or 8 weeks ago, finally saying "no thank you" to melted cheese. I can eat cheese at home if I've measured it but in a restaurant I'm the biggest liar alive. I will always underestimate what I eat. And the funny thing is that my body never underestimates anything - it has the most accurate counter inside you could ever imagine!

Anonymous said...

What a great three words to learn to use. I need to do that more myself.

~South Beach Steve