finding that fire

Hey all,
I don't know how you all are doing with motivation..
Mine hasn't been the best over the last four months.
I have held on to all i have lost (or all the health I have gained)
But have felt little to no motivation to go forward.
I thought it was fear...but no...
I thought it was boredom...maybe with the food.
But I got bored with the food two or three months in..
It's how I view the battle.
It became less a battle and more a lifestyle.
I allowed myself more calories every three days or so then I needed for weight loss.
which is great if you just want to maintain.
And I think, for a while, I did.
I have been going at this quite a while...and to lose weight you have to be a bit obsessive about it.
I wanted to set it down for a bit.
without losing what I had gained (or lost)
So I did.
weight 150 lbs.
considering I weighed maybe two or three times in the last two months...pretty good.
that came from tracking and budgeting my calories like money in a bank account.
I got some parts of my life back on track (like my house)
I dabbled in my art again...spent more time with my kids...
Ate some food that wasn't on my weight loss plan (tasty)
realized the food wasn't THAT good...I don't miss it.
Now I am ready to obsess a bit.
So..back to one hour of cardio six days a week...plus whatever toning I do on top of that.
That will be about 1 hour and 20 minutes to 1 hour and 30 minutes a day.
back to 1500 calorie *steel curtain zone* (did this today along with the exercise)
It's less about weighing now than finding the fire to finish strong.
tracking daily...having that deficit daily.
exercising HARD daily.
no more excuses.
No more delays.
Do, or Do NOT there is no TRY.
To find your fire, redefine good enough.
is mediocre good enough?
not for me.
Is that extra roll of fat around my mid section good enough?
It might have been for 262 lb Chris...
But not for 150 lb Chris
For me...150 lbs is not good enough.
135 is.
Have a great night guys.
Chris out.

*steel curtain zone is a trademark of a Daily diary of a winning loser....Thanks Sean.


Unknown said...

Was my pain in that picture you saw THAT obvious? It took a lot for me to go out at night when I would much rather stay in bed. :-/ I am TRYING to stay positive. THANK YOU for the prayers my friend!

Motivation for me last week was ZERO. I did not track one single weight watcher point. Yet I managed to lose weight. I guess I have the program down huh? In a couple of weeks WW is doing a HUGE program change and I am BEYOND excited about it so I think it has sparked my interest and made me a little bit more motivated. 145 is my number...you heard it here first. :) Here's to US getting to our goals! :)

Amber said...

Steel curtin zone...I like that!

Do it, your not much of a do not or try kind of gal.

Retta said...

I kind of think it's a normal human response to having been focused intensely on a goal... to need to breather. Not to quit, or go back, or anything like that. But just to regroup, take some mental R and R...

I remember reading once about the kind of intense training athletes do for the Olympics. And they said it was difficult for people to sustain that high level of motivation for prolonged periods of time. We need mental rest, just like physical rest.

So, I've decided to not worry about it! LOL! I took a breather, and now, like you, want to throw some wood on my motivational bonfire, and get that thing roaring again. :-)

I want to end this year strong, not wimpy!


Ms. M said...

I'm glad you were able to "maintain" during your little break from being obsessive. But I'm ecstatic to see that the FIRE is back!!! :)

carla said...

SO glad to see youre back.on.FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Purple Cow said...

You look hot in your last picture!
You may motivate me to do something about what I've become...
a cow! and not always purple, either!

It's just that chocolate is so delicious, isn't it?

outdoor.mom said...

Its really funny that you're saying all that because I was going to ask you if you would be my first interview :-) Your momentum is unmatched and i mean it. I'm starting a new blog :

I was wondering, seriously, if i can interview you with a few questions (as a post) and put up your link on it. Okay, well think about it and let me know :-)

Helen said...

You know Chris, I actually read an article one time that suggested it would be a good idea for everyone to take "periods of maintenance" throughout their entire weight loss journey. The persons position was that it teaches us to stay put and not slide backwards. I think that's just how you should look at these past few months - learning to stay put. A period of maintenance. It's ok that you did it and it's ok that it's over.

Now, go forth and prosper!! (Well, you know what I mean.)

Beth said...

Brilliant post. I've got the fire but you've set a great example of how to enter and exit a holding pattern without it exploding into weight gain and scale bouncing. Thanks.

Go for it. You surely shall succeed.

Robin said...

I have so many thoughts on this that maybe I should just write my own blog. I can't seem to formulate anything that wraps this up nicely and neatly.

Leslie said...

One thing I know for sure...when Chris is on fire, look out. Results will happen. You are the queen of the solid work your ass off ethic.

Melissa said...

I had really been slacking up until the last couple of weeks. I found the spark again (thank you Jesus!) and I'm loving the workouts again. :)
I can't wait to see you at 135. I've been here since almost the beginning of your journey (I think!) and I've enjoyed watching it!

M Pax said...

I think maintainence and moderation are the hardest things to get. So kudos on that big success.

Wishing you the best in going the rest of the way. :D Breathers are good. Rejuvenating.

JP said...

Chris I love the Yoda Quote and a couple weeks ago used it as a cheezy scene remake a la Jack Sh*t, but glad to see you're not gonna stop.

Keep challenging yourself. I love to see the progress pics on the side bar. Sure would love to see another one. They always help me keep going.

Jess said...

I found your blog through Allan. I love the music, and I'm glad I found another source of inspiration. I tagged you in a recent post if you have time to stop by. :)

Karla said...

the sprint for the finish is the hardest, but ohhhh sooo worth it!!!

after ny visit with my sister I feel renewed in my focus!!! I know what you mean for so long 150 was the magic number but I see in so many bloggers how those last pounds make such a HUGE difference, I want to be one of those folks :)

lets do the final sprint together? you game?

Anonymous said...

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being in the zone again, but there is also nothing wrong with maintaining. It is the other option we all need to avoid.

~South Beach Steve