veterans day

I am sick...again.
I spent alot of my day sleeping and trying to feel better. Took a bunch of vitamins...did take a walk but a short one and didn't split hairs on the calories, ate a bunch of oranges earlier.
oy. I think it's a sinus infection.
I am tired, so will be headed to bed to hopefully kick this in the rear quickly.

Tomorrow is veteran's day.
Thank you to all veterans...including my husband.
My brother Duane,
My cousin Gary, my stepfather Butch, My uncle richard and uncle Junior..my grampas...and friends past and present.

We are still fighting in Afghanistan,.
So a quick video tribute..and off to bed.


Retta said...

Hope you feel better fast, Chris. And thank YOU for serving.


Anne H said...

She beat me to the very words I wanted to say.
Get well soon, and thank you for your service to our country! You are amazing! Just in case I've never mentioned it before!

Unknown said...

:( Feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better soon Chris!

~South Beach Steve