my eyes are burning.

hey all, wish I had a better post but have spent all night staring at my computer screen waiting for results from the colorado senate race...you all know I am a conservative and the results are just dribbling in here. I haven't rooted this hard for someone since I rooted for the pistons in 1991.
I voted, now I wait. Go ken buck.
My God, if michigan can elect a republican governor, why can't we get one stinking republican senator?
Be back tomorrow with my food, my weight and my intensity.
I burned my dinner because I was scanning political websites.
that's how bad it is...
See you all tomorrow.


Anne H said...

Bless your little political heart!
I'm sure you were on pins and needles.
Burned food?

Rettakat said...

I saw the news this morning... lookin so far! We got our Republican governor here in Oregon.


Red Shoes said...

Sooo... how did things turn out for you?


cmoursler said...

@ red shoes...we lost :(...but, oh well. it was a squeeker. And at least it was a massive turnout so people really had a say. That is why I love this country.