The Success of others

makes me ecstatic.
I have always been blessed in one way...God skipped on the jealous gene for me.
I don't know why.
When I was little and poor, I never wanted other people's clothes or other people's toys.
I wanted to fit in...to be liked...but I never envied them.
Sometimes I see people make nasty comments about pretty superstars..
Like scarlett johansson or someone like that, and most of the time it's fueled by jealousy.
People hate martha steward because they project all of their inner feelings of inferiority onto her...
I like Martha, she's a doer. will I ever be able to do all that stuff? probably not....but I admire people who do.

Sean from a daily diary of a winning loser hit goal.
It took him two years and two months and some odd days (of which I am sure he has counted down to the last minute lol)...
I was and am so happy for him.
That was oodles of hard work and dedication.
But there may be people out there who had a twinge of envy.
There may have been thoughts in your mind...
"well, he doesn't have young kids"
"men lose weight easier"
Whether these things are true or not...
They don't have anything to do with your success or lack of success.
There is no success pie.
When one person succeeds, it does not make it harder for you to succeed.
In fact, using the information the other person has gleaned from the ordeal...you may be able to bypass some of the pitfalls and misfortunes the successfull person has gone through.
I always view successful people as mini roadmaps and assets to me personally.
as opposed to
'people I hate and secretly long to watch fall flat on their faces'.
I learned early that the best way to learn is from other people's mistakes.
It saves time.

Yes, some people can be obnoxiously perfect..
But most people are just doing their best and sometimes their best wins the day.
Yours can too.
consistency and a good plan will take you to your goals.
so keep at it.


Rettakat said...

And Sean has been so generous to share everything he has learned, and tried to encourage others. I was grinning from ear to ear when I read his post!


Sean Anderson said...

You, my friend, wow...what can I say?? Uh--You have an amazing attitude and clarity about personal success and responsibility. You are a DOER too!!! And seriously---I can't thank you enough for your generous support and keen understanding of the mental dynamics that make it all possible---or not possible at all. I've always enjoyed your style and straight forward delivery of wisdom--that I need to hear---and how you do it---wow, you're one of a kind.

My best always,

Tammy said...

You must not realize that you're JUST as amazing as Sean, lol.....seriously, you are. Excellent post girl. :)

Finding The Thin Within said...

Wonderful post. You are an extrodinary woman!!! My husband is just like you...not a jealous bone in his body. I admire this trait. Sometimes I think women come pre-programmed with extra jealousy. I wish I knew how to get rid of it. I love it when I see posts like this that make me evaluate my own behavior.

<3 Katie

Jenn @ Cooking Aweigh the Pounds said...

"There is no success pie." I love that. A great reminder for when the jealousy monster rears it's ugly head.

Losing 100 said...

Love your post. It is so true. I think when we look for the worst in others we bring out the worst in ourselves. And who wants that? By the way, you are looking fantastic!
p.s. My legs would have fallen off if I had done the stair climber for an hour! You rock.

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

I wish I had been aware of Sean's journey before. I will have to go back and read his stuff. I did enjoy his youtube video of his 505 tattoo, that I noticed in his success pics. What an amazing guy! Thanks for sharing.

Robin said...

I think John Donne got it right. "Don't ask for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee." We are all interconnected. We should be happy for the success of others. When someone succeeds it proves that it is possible. It reminds us that we can do it, too. Every success is proof that we can do it... whatever we are trying to do. The "war" is always in our head anyway.

Paula Rodriguez said...

Chris, jealousy and envy is ugly thing and something I'm guilty of at times. I think (and it's just a thought) that maybe you know first hand what it's like to lose 100 pounds. You could appreciate the determination, committment and focus of what that feels like and so his victory was yours.

Those of us who have yet to FLIP THE SWITCH --well, it's probably harder for us.

I do envy the focus and determination that one needs to lose a significant amount of weight. I even covet it... I hope I get there...

I guess I admire the DOer that's in you, sean and Martha...


99ToGo said...

When a person is full of gratitude, I think jealousy has a tough time squeezing in. You must be a grateful lady?! Being happy for another's gifts or success is as much a blessing for the gifted as it is for the observer, in my opinion. Nice post!

Khris said...

What a lovely post and something for all of us to think about more often...hugs Khris

Linda Pressman said...

I love this post, Chris. So wise and so true that people always want to run down others who achieve their goals or taint their success somehow. When I lost my weight I used to hear mutterings around my work: "She'll gain it back" "She's too skinny" "She's anorexic" - whatever people can come up with to turn an amazing, life transforming positive into a negative. None of that was true and none of it happened. What happened was exactly what you said: I lost my weight and it's not a negative reflection on others who may trod this path, rather a guidepost.