Really Good Day.

Haven't had a day like this in a while.
I ate well...with relatively little hunger.
I had veggie soup for lunch with 3 ounces of stewed chicken..and that really filled me up. I think veggies and protein for lunch works much better than granola and fruit for me.
* hmmmmm...no one say a word. lol
I did have a banana before working out.
I didn't get sick working out or faint today.
I burned around 600 calories. It was a great workout.
50 minutes on the elliptical
plus situps and upper body weights.

Have you guys tried the new steamable sweet potato thingies?
they are diced sweet potatoes and it's 90 calories for a cup...and they are AWESOME.
I had a cup and a half and a tablespoon of butter and some honey on top...I had a hamburger patty and serving of brussel sprouts...Dinner was 500 calories.
Really good.
I am trying to incorporate some more variety into my meals.
Seems to be working.
Tomorrow will be my 20/20/20 day
20 minutes stairstepper
20 minutes bike
20 minutes treadmill.
then lower body toning with Jack.
I like the soup thing for llunch.
Thank you for the kind comments on yesterdays post from Loretta and Anne on my service.
I don't like to say 'thank me for serving'..lololol.
It's like those people at awards shows who are up for an award and when their names are announced they applaud.
Now, tomorrow..I am going to try to build on this day.
not rest on it.
Have a great night guys,


Joy said...

Hi Chris,

Have not heard about the sweet potatoes. Sounds really good!!!

You rock on your exercise!! The Elliptical and I are not quite friends yet. I'm working on it. Can only do 30 minutes right now. Better than when I first started, I could only do 1 minute without dying!!

Keep focused!!

Deb Willbefree said...

Sweet potatoes are my new favorite food. You can just buy them fresh in the produce dept (yams are the same as sweet potatoes if grown in USA) and steam them in the microwave by putting them under a deep lid or in a lidded container. They steam themselves in 4 or 5 minutes.

When I read your post about Veteran's Day, I thought about your service, too. I thought that you knew better than most why veterans need to be thanked.

So, thank you. I'm glad you're home and safe and well. And that your husband is, too.


Ms. Chunky Chick said...

Those steams sweet potatos sound yummy! and you are doing so well and look amazing! You really are a inspiration!

Roxie said...

Thanks for the sweet potato tip. I'll check that out for sure.

And I am late to the party, but thank you and your family for your service to our country.

Having a really good day does make it easier to build the next one from that foundation, doesn't it? Good for you.

Tammy said...

Crap! I totally forgot that you were in the service...I should have said THANK YOU yesterday! Forgive me :( lol And oh my goodness I love sweet potatoes...I've had 3 so far this week, lol.

Paula Rodriguez said...

Like your idea 20/20/20. Might borrow this as the weather turns crappy in Sactown and I need to workout inside (gym at work).

I love sweet potatoes and I usually just roast one in the oven and add walnuts and a splash of skim milk. It's heaven! I have to be really careful and portion it otherwise I over do it.

Great ending to your post "BUILD ON THIS DAY. NOT REST ON IT." LUV IT.


SeattleRunnerGirl said...

Yeah, TOTALLY gonna borrow the 20/20/20 idea! Great job on your solid day today. Feels good, doesn't it?! Keep it up!