Every day till May 18th....

That is how the exercise will go for the next few months.
Every day.
I found my new best friend.
I found a salad I like.
It has feta...mmmm....feta.
First let's look at my day and yesterday as well.
BOth were really good.
I ate under 1500 both days.
Yesterday I had an 800 calorie burn with one hour on the elliptical, a half mile walk, 158 situps, and upper body weights.
I felt great.
Today I did a combination of things.
I did 20 minutes on the stair stepper and burned 165 calories
I did 22 minutes on a puny elliptical (not my precor ;oP) and burned 150 calories.
Then I did a 2 mile walk which burned 200 calories.
Grand total 515 calories burned.
Tomorrow it's back to my precor, situps and weights.
I think I will take a three mile walk on Thursday to avoid burnout.
Then back to the gym for friday and saturday with a four mile walk at home on Sunday.
Exercising keeps me focused and gives me momentum.
It works for me.
just 'not eating'.
Feels like crap.
I want to feel like I am doing something.

I wanted to say a little more about my philosophy regarding humiliation or negativity.
If humiliation had worked for me I would have been thin years ago.
I was mooed at.
I was called names.
I once had a guy throw a milk carton at me and call me a cow.
I was told I would be 'pretty' if only I would drop thirty pounds.
(upon hearing this bit of news, I dropped around 180 lbs by dropping the drip who said it)
But you know, nobody could say anything to me that I hadn't said to myself.
I called myself
big fat pig
You name it. Having it come out of someone else's mouth was not a surprise, it was a confirmation.
And when you truly believe you are all those things.
Why try?
My own mother threatened to call Richard simmons.
On my brother in laws wedding day I was so fat I had to borrow a dress shirt from my other bil because the outfit I picked was too tight by the time the wedding rolled around.
I attended that wedding in a pair of stretchy pants and a button up mens shirt.
That was humiliating.
I spent years avoiding swimming pools and parties and pictures.
What was different On May 4th 2009?
I had worked out a lot of my emotional issues before coming to my inspiration that day.
I didn't get up the courage to tell people to take a flying leap by thinking I was a big bag of crap.
I got up the courage to set boundaries, to go to the gym and take time for myself because I finally got that I was worth it.
That I was a person of worth.
That I had a life to live, one that God had given me, and that If I didn't start doing something my kids would lose their mother, my husband a wife, and me...
Well, I would lose out on life.
And suddenly, the food was no longer worth it.
It wasn't worth the pain, and the humiliation and the sickness and everything else.
I knew I deserved better.
And so do every one of you.
I know where you are when you binge.
When you binge you are telling yourself you don't matter, what you want doesn't matter and that you aren't worth it.
I can't come along behind you and tell you the same thing your brain is already telling you.
because your brain is LYING TO YOU.
I will tell you that YOU ARE WORTH IT.
Don't quit.
Even if you fail, get UP.
Get back on the horse.
Don't look back...go forward.
Keep trying.
quitting will do NO GOOD.
So, as a matter of endurance or stubborness, or whatever...
I am going to show you all that you can move every day for six months and not drop dead.
I really do like you guys immensely...
I root for you like you all root for me.
We can do this.
My goal for my birthday is to be 140 lbs.
This will put me in my 'normal' range.
5'4 inches and 140 lbs.
I don't want to spend another birthday overweight.
I have been overweight or fat on my birthday for the last 16 years.
My birthday is March 17th.
For whatever reason I think I can do it.
well, mostly because of this exercise thing.
Well...that's all for tonight.
Have a good night guys.


Red Shoes said...

YOU have done marvelous!!!

Keep up the GREAT work and you will reach your Birthday GOAL!!!

I look forward to reading that post on March 17!!!!


Morgan said...

MY birthday is March 17th!!! Yay for St. Patrick's Day babies!

So glad you found your motivation...those side pockets can be deep and really hide a lot of things. I am liking this moving everyday thing - think I might try throwing in some purposeful walking on the days I'm not doing an out and out workout. I am all for jumping on your bandwagon.

Helen said...

I'm a March girl too and just this morning was trying to decide if I want to set a "number" goal to reach by my birthday.... or something else related but not number oriented.

Great idea to mix up all that exercise. Not only does it keep you interested, it will keep you from getting injured.

Allan said...

Email me if you get a second

Rettakat said...

I totally believe that you will make your goal. No question about it!

Amber said...

You'll make it!
Sounds like a great birthday present!

Crystal said...

You sound very motivated and I think you can totally reach your goal weight by your birthday. I wish you lots of luck along the way!

Morgan said...

Hey - I have a question I want to ask you but it would be better through email or something. Will you contact me??? My email is morganjoyner@gmail.com


TJ said...

I think back to all of the birthdays I was miserable. wow...no more misery right? :) I think having this goal for yourself is great! I am proud of you for setting it. :) You can do it!

Dawn said...

We can be so mean to ourselves. I try not to let what other people thing bother me too much. You can't make everyone happy.

So how did you do today with your workout plans?

Linda Pressman said...

Bravo, Chris! I will also always remember what it was like being fat, and not just because my weight problem went on (in steadily increasing numbers) for 25 years, but because of the pain and humilation of everyday like that. Even though it's been ten years that I've been at this weight, I still remember it well. I thank God for a good memory.

bbubblyb said...

Great post Chris, I always love reading your posts they always make me want to do better, thanks.