Happy Black Friday

Well, I didn't go ANYWHERE today.
I did do a three mile walk.
I did eat like I wanted yesterday and took a walk today.
Tomorrow it's back to the gym and good eating.
So...How did you all do with your Thanksgiving?
Good I hope.
I am keeping it short tonight.
I have just posted at my other blog.
It's for those interested in food storage and emergency preparedness...
So whoever wants to drop by is welcome.
I do have one follower and I would like to say THANK YOU to yellow rose jasmine.
It was nice to see, even when I hadn't posted a darn thing yet.
I would like that blog to be a gathering place for ideas and information.
The more the merrier!
I wanted to say though that I had a wonderful thanksgiving and I am glad to live in in America.
We are blessed with plenty of food and an abundance of opportunity.
I Will type a longer post tomorrow.
Hope everyone is on plan and on track.


Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed the holiday and were able to stick to your plan! Congrats!

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Thanks for the shout out, Chris! I figure it's always good to know someone is there to hear what you have to say & I am genuinely interested in the subject.

Joy said...

Did pretty well. Had a couple of chips more than I wanted, but for the most part, it was the best Thanksgiving ever!

Keep focused!

Retta said...

Thanksgiving. Simple. Quiet. Peaceful. Gratitude in spite of circumstances.

I agree, we are blessed in this country.


Putz said...

well i must really like you christ{christine} because i am typing this long post ocver again<><><><>it was my black friday experience and was AWSELL<><><>my grand came early for thsanks giving and put a seashell in my toliet and flushed and i was a very lick shell very oval and large just enough to get it halfway through my toliet and then GET WEDFGED<><><>well 385 gallons of water was snaked through the toliet at high pressure Nothing< THEN a regular snake nothing<><><>it was toooo wedged down there somewhere it seemed part of the ceramic toliet<>><<>so out goes the toliet and as i was just to go to molwart to go buy a 117 dollar new toliet when zuwhampkee it falls back through the direction it was commin g from<><<><>so new bolts{my son had sheered the old ones off} and a new seal and 12 hrs later everyone had a toliet again{19 of my peoplples},..,,.yep black FRIDAY

Sevenbeads said...

Had a great holiday and I commend you for making time for the walk. I did a special Turkey Workout Zumba class this morning. i ate a little more today than I did on Thursday. It's back to regular schedule on Monday.
(Thank Heavens!)