What it means to me...

I Thank God today that I have food to eat, a roof over my head and people to love.
I Thank God I live in America...where even, should everything fall apart, we have the freedom to pick ourselves up and start over.
I am thankful for summer.
For the sunshine and the days I have spent fishing.
For the memories I have of swimming in the lake, and then drip drying in the back of a pickup on our way to Scott's party store for an ice cream cone.
I am thankful for autumn.
For the smell of burning leaves.
For having been able to see the leaves change color in vermont.
For seeing the aspens go yellow in the rockies.
I am thankful for winter...
for the memories of building snow forts when I was little.
for the snow that decorated the alps in southern Germany at Christmas while the town below sparkled with lights and some guy played silent night on a french horn, and the sound echoed off the mountain peaks.
I am thankful for the snow that packs tight enough to make ice balls that leave welts ;o)
I am thankful for spring...for flowers and rain...especially warm rain.
The kind of rain, that when you were little you used to love to run around in till you were soaked.
I am thankful for my children.
For who they are.
And, for how they, in many ways,
allow me to relive my childhood by watching them enjoy things.
By watching them be normal.
Even spoiled sometimes.
It feels good to be able to spoil your kids.
I am thankful that we can.
I am grateful for my husband.
Who is a good man.
A good hearted man.
A man I can look up to and admire.
For working hard for his family.
For putting himself last and us first.
I am thankful for each day I get.
I am thankful for the support I get from you guys and from the blogs I read.
I am thankful for my good friends.

And for todays moment of zen...

I am ever so grateful to God for creating these two people, and for giving someone the inspiration for stringed instruments...and for allowing this moment to happen.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.
Talk to you all on Friday.


Patrick said...

I am thankful for so much... getting healthy in 2010 is near the top ofthe list behind family & friends.


Tammy said...

I am thankful for you, Chris. I hope you and your family have a very Happy Thanksgiving. :)

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Love the video and the song. I have much to be grateful for too in spite of recent struggles. Happy Thanksgiving.:)

Putz said...

thank god for you for bringing these two to me on thanksgivng day

Robin said...

Right now I am thinking of the Travit Tritt song "It's A Great Day To Be Alive." Today has been a terrible migraine day for me. But that really doesn't matter. Because I get another day tomorrow. As long as we wake up the next day, we get another shot at a better day.

Anonymous said...

Chris, isn't it great to have so much to be thankful for. Thanks for sharing the song. I hope you had a terrific Thanksgiving!

~South Beach Steve

outdoor.mom said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Great list of things to be grateful for :-)

Amber said...

Happy Thanksgiving Chris!
I'm thankful for great neighbors and friends!

M Pax said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

The past month was a reminder to me to be grateful for all the small things. Glad you're not taking yours for granted. :D

99ToGo said...

I love your Thanksgiving list! We went around the table and did Alphabet Gratitude with our kids, each listing off something with the next letter that we appreciate. It may be a new tradition!

To answer your question, I usually end up averaging about 1400 calories each day. I use the Tap and Track program on my iPhone and it only gives me about 1000 per day before I add in my exercise calories. If I don't work out, I don't get much! So, it's extra incentive to get in a good 400-600 calories worth of exercise 6-7 days each week. But I think something that has really helped me lately has been moving a slightly higher percentage of calories to fat and protein (in the form of nuts, avocados, meats, dairy) and moving most of my carbs to fruits and veggies instead of relying on grains as I was. Except for yesterday, I've been avoiding sugar altogether the last few weeks. That's super tough this time of year!!