What I have learned from my friends...

Hello all,
back from painting ( I don't hang out long with decor either mr. putz...so your wife is in Good company lol)
I finished painting my bookshelves and entertainment center...My index finger hurts.
I also think I may have accidentally inhaled some...
why people do that on purpose I have no idea.
My husband sunk the posts for my garden today.
I will take pictures of all this home renovating glory so you all can get a glimpse into our exciting domestic lives.
I walked today and did my situps at home.
lately the thought of the gym makes my skin crawl.
But I am going tomorrow anyways.
I think I have to figure out what's bugging me about it..
It could be the bad lighting.
or the smell of rubber and sweat.
Or the the guy in the short shorts and headband ala the 1980's with his bald head gleaming as he cycles his little heart out.
Or it could be the teen girls who come in dressed in as little as possible, throwing around things they have no idea about.
I don't know...could be all the above.
It could be that I just like walking while the sun shines.
So, On to what I have learned from the friends I have known through the years.
I have a tendency to have one or two good friends at a time..
and they have each taught me something.
My friend in grade school and in high school was named layla.
She taught me to never be afraid to say what you really think.
Then I met my next very good friend...
and she taught me how to cook...southern food.
And how to be a good friend.
How to say whatever it was...but to soften it with 'bless her heart'..
as in..
"She dresses like a two dollar whore, bless her heart"
She also taught me that "Well isn't that precious!" wasn't always as nice as it sounds. lololol.
And mississippi watermelon is the best I have ever had.

Then I had a friend named tuuli.
She was a buddhist and she taught me to look at my faith and question it.
So I did...and came out stronger for it on the other side.
So I wasn't relying on a false belief...but on my own...

Then I had a friend named Lorraine.
She taught me to get more involved in outside activities....
No matter how much I disliked them...they helped me grow as a person.
I will never forget the time she talked me into teaching vacation bible school to 8 year old boys.
I got that slot because I was the last to volunteer and no one else wanted it.

Recently I have a good friend named Amber who has taught me how to give when you have some and even when you don't. Giving is just in her nature. She has also taught me that organization is key. Especially when it comes to things like keys.
Many people can have a can do attitude when things are going well...she has one either way.

Then there is my friend Mary ellen, to whom I can converse without my edit button...I can go from normal to insane within one message and she just rolls with the punches. We can talk about philosophy, and politics and religion without getting pissed off because we value the idea of ideas. We share a very similar sense of humor and view of the world...and she has a wonderful wit and can shake me out of my foul moods with her unique take on situations.

Then there are my blog buddies.

Robin-Who is a thinker and a dreamer, even while she is in pain...she is also a giver and goes out of her way to make others smile.

Loretta- Who is honest and forthright. Who has compassion and is always trying to grow and develop a positive mindset.

Deb-Who is great at asking hard questions and spotting the issue.

Both She and loretta are sisters in Christ and although they don't know it, I admire their dedication To God.

Anne H. who reminds me to think outside the box and makes me laugh.

TJ with her no quit attitude.

paula and Christine and jack and many, many others...
They all have one thing in common.
Their willingness to get out there and share in their blogs and to encourage others.
So, thanks to all my friends past and present...
You have made me a better person.
Chris out.


Rettakat said...

Thanks Chris. And what I'm learning from you is the value of DOING, not just talking about it. I love to learn, to explore, to stretch my thinking... but without the DOING, it's all an exercise in bandwidth. ;-)

So thanks for being an excellent example of walking the walk, not just talking it.


carla said...

to what loretta and to you said.

Its amazing how we learn from people we may never, ever meet.

Pretty Pauline said...

Beautiful! I loved learning about your friends and also thinking about mine. :)

Helen said...

Whether it's friends for life, friends for a reason, or friends for a season there's no doubt that our lives are indeed enriched by those we come into contact with! It's so nice to see what you have been blessed with in your friendships.

Hanlie said...

Oh, I do adore you! From you I learned to face my fear and push beyond it. You are a very bright light in this blogging community of ours.

E. Jane said...

Thanks to you, Chris, for all you have bravely and honestly shared on your blog. I place a premium on honesty--that's big with me. (I think some other bloggers get tired of my honesty and see it as being inconsistent, but it's just me being honest with myself, as I find my way.) ...can't do it any other way.

I've learned a lot from you, and I'll be reading your every post. Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Chris. You really did "bless my little heart". :)

Sometimes after I've written a comment or a post, I wonder if I was out of line with it and that mayabe I could have left that coment unsaid. And, probably, lots of times it would have been better to just let it go. It was nice to rerad your words about that.

It means a lot coming from you--for you tackle the hard issues right out loud. And I always admire your willingness to do it.

And, wahoo! sister in Christ! Nothin better than that. :D


bbubblyb said...

Mike says "bless her heart" especially when referring to my sister lol. I alway think it's means "crazy woman" when he says it lol. I appreciate all I've learned from my friends too. Great post Chris! Loved when you called me a good egg you forgot to mention that one lol.

Putz said...


Amber said...

Thanks Chris,
I've learned much from you as well. I've learned that if you want something bad enough, nothing will stop you from getting it. (We can all take note and use that. I have learned that to be yourself and to care for yourself is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.

You're a great friend, Chris.