100 Day weight loss challenge starts Tomorrow...final instructions

Hey all,
So far I have nine participants...I have six weight photos and one near weight photo, I have also been contacted by one more and will have hers in the moring...Hopefully I will be contacted here shortly by the last participant. I will do a quick list of participants tomorrow morning on this blog.
So, to be reallllly clear.
Three major components:
1500 calorie cap-
There are no rules regarding the calorie cap....just that it is a steel curtain zone.
Think of it like a bank account...you can go up to it, but not over.
Will someone go over at some point?
Most likely...but we should be doing everything within our power to NOT GO OVER.
This is key.
It's an ironclad decision..
And, it will also expose every excuse we make to ourselves about why we overeat.
Which is why I am doing this...lol.

number 2:
30 minutes of movement..could be walking...could be marching in place..
could be pilates all over the house. Could be the gym...
doesn't matter...just make it daily...you can do three 10 minute segments...or ten 3 minute segments.
six days  a week.
I incorporate a day of rest as a matter of faith...
but six days a week will make it a habit sooner or later.

and finally,
self honesty- which is why I am asking questions for journaling..after I post this..I will be emailing the question.
Being honest with ourselves about why we are overweight and what we are using food for...that is key.
I have decided to tag on to each question a proactive mental exercise.
I know...I didn't say that..until I realized that the one thing I really needed to do when I started was change my thought patterns..
or as sean and I both call it..our interior tape.
The number 1 mental exercise is going to be getting rid of the negative tape.
I will be posting my answer to the question on my blog tomorrow..and if you all want to share..
You can.  A quick reply will do here...just a quick reason. Or, a more indepth reason...
Share as much or as little as you wish, Just as long as you journal it yourself...and are completely honest with yourself as to why you want to lose the weight..
After that...the next ten days will be dedicated to catching your brain in the act of self sabotage.
What do you say to yourself when you fail.
Or even when you don't?
What do you call yourself?
What do you really believe about your chances of success...
I just want you to take note, write it down somewhere.

These first ten days, consistency is key.
success builds on success.
Days three and four are usually the hardest because the new has worn off..
also the people around you who are accustomed to you doing things a certain way will start to take notice...and you may get resistence.
It is VERY VERY VERY important to push through these first ten days as close to on program as you can make them...you will only see why in hindsight.
so set your mind to NO FAIL...LIFE AND DEATH...THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE...
and you will succeed.
If you want to share, we can share it here or on face book.
support is key. 
Our next weigh in will be February 8th.
I am glad to be doing this with a great group of people.
See you tomorrow morning!
Chris out.


Beautiful Grace said...

I want in!! I'm going to read the other posts to get caught up and send you a picture. My sister in law may want to do it too. Her name is Michelle.

Christine said...

wonderful! just email me your starting weight pic and I will send you the question.

Sheilagh said...

Am I too late Chris? This sopunds like the kick in the butt I need.

Sean Anderson said...

I LOVE this challenge!!! Chris--Thank you for being as awesome as you are. We know what's right--and we know the limit is set--Now, it's totally up to us to be deeply honest with ourselves about the "cap." With this iron-clad decision--protected by the SCZ--things will be revealed inside each and every participant. I'm thrilled about this challenge and I can't wait to see how it all unfolds!! Very exciting!!!!

Tammy said...

I didn't get a question emailed to me last night....did you send them out? I emailed my weight pic this morn. :)

Christine said...

Hey Tammy! Got your qeustion off to you..the challenge really grew last night. The bugs should be worked out shortly!

Christine said...

@ She...the whole thing closes tonight at midnight...just email me your weight pic on a scale and you are in!

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