Quick challenge update..

So far we have 17 challenge participants.
You have till midnight mountain time in America (I say this because I have a few participants from other parts of the world. lol) to get your pictures with weight in and all the rest.
I will be posting the My answer to the question tonight.
I had a few questions about the 1500 calorie cap.

1.) Yes, You can go lower if you want..I would not reccomend going below 1200..you will starve and binge...

2.)There are no dietary rules..I don't believe in imposing those on people..if  you don't eat what you like I don't think it's a long term solution.
Have a great days guys and REMEMBER...Don't go over..that's number 1..success breeds success.

Chris out.


Sheilagh said...

What was the first question?

E. Jane said...

Nice to have so many in the challenge, Chris. Off to a good start today. Thanks for doing this!

T.L. said...

Hi, Chris. I have really enjoyed your blog and I would love to participate in the challenge - but I have two issues.

The first is that I still have a LOT to lose. I'm losing now by keeping my calories in the 1900 range - 2000 is my current cap. This will be reduced as I lose more. But I'm not able to do 1500 at this point. So I think I'm going to particpate from the sidelines. The other issue is that my scale is old-school so I can't take a photo of my feet and number - I have to photograph the weights that slide across. I'd be glad to give it a shot, since I weigh daily and I know what it said this morning, if the calorie cap thing wasn't such a big issue.

I'll be watching everyone's progress, and keeping track of my own, however! All the best, TL

April said...

Hi Chris-

I just found your blog, is it too late to join the challenge?