Foam Rolling...it's painful but it works...

Foam rolling....
I had never heard of it until I started watching omar's videos...
I was skeptical.
what on earth could planting your rear on a piece of foam do?
Quite a bit..
When I first started working out at the gym..
I went full on elliptical for about a month..
without properly stretching afterwards..
pain...and an injury that last two or three weeks..
Stretching is indeed an important part of your exercise regimen.
The foam roller isn't stretching per se.
It's actually better.
After I do a whole body workout..
really pushing my muscles with weight circuits.
I get very sore.
Foam rolling is like a magic pill for those sore muscles...
See that pose up there?
That really helps your ligaments in your hips and around your knees.
If this looks like it 'feels good'...
Don't be fooled.
It's painful..
But it pushes that lactic acid out of your muscles...
do that and drink a ton of water..well..
you should be able to train hard the next day.
Which is what we want!
So I will leave a link to the video here..The real information begins at 3 minutes in...before that it is omar being omar...translation...goofball.
Tomorrow I will be posting a tag I recieved a while back from Joy and a book recommendation that I have been meaning to get to.
Have a great night guys.
Chris out.


Karen Butler Ogle said...

That looks interesting, Christine. I am just beginning to TRY to get some exercise routine going. I don't have upper body strength or balance enough to try that yet but I will remember this for when I am ready.

Dagny said...

You might want to check out "The Stick" for self-massage at home. I use the flexible one. I especially love it on my traps and calves. By holding one end against a wall, you can give yourself an amazing massage at the intensity you choose since it does not use bodyweight like the foam roller.

Karen, the foam roller does not require strength or balance. It's for massage of worked-out muscles.


Seth said...

I've taken a pool foam floatie and used it for the same purpose. Also, I've used a golf ball for my feet. It does hurt, but it makes you feel better!

Vicki said...

Want to thank you for introducing me to Omar at the end of last year. I've been following his various exercise circuits since then and have noticed a huge difference. Omar rocks!

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Thanks, Dagny. I will look into it more.:)

Joy said...

It hurts to good. It's one of those things, that the more you do it the better it feels and the longer you can do it. I'm a fan!

Keep focused!

Dagny said...

Foam rolling or "self-myofascial release" is not supposed to be painful. Use the roller to find tender spots then work them to the intensity you can stand. Hold pressure on the spot for about 20-30 seconds. This allows the muscle fibers to relax. Then roll the muscle. The effect should be therapeutic for the tender spot after a few sessions.

You can use the foam roller before a workout as part of a stretching routine to lengthen and warm up the muscles.

Sorry, I don't know what that Omar guy had to say about foam rolling. I can't watch his videos! I can't stand his ranting!!! I work with older people and very overweight people who may deal with physical limitations. Foam rolling is a critical part of preparing someone for more intense exercise.


karen@fitnessjourney said...

I can't wait to read more about foam rolling. I'm a HUGE stretching advocate, it makes all the difference, but I'm always up for hearing about new strategies to get the most from a workout or to reduce the chance of injury. Thanks for sharing.