Transformation Road

Hello all..
I am going to promote a book on my blog.
I never sell anything.
I don't put crap up in my sidebar...or do giveaways..
You know why?
Because deep down I believe it's a personal choice how we lose weight.
I also believe weight loss is just about the most simple thing in the world.
And I have one person I know that I agree with completely about the 'science' and 'philosophy' of weight loss.
He has written a book.
His name is Sean Anderson.
He started at 505 lbs...I started at 262 lbs.
And whatever weight you start at..It doesn't matter.
It isn't how you begin, it's where you end up.
The mindset matters!
Sean and I agree about what matters most.

That you have GOT to change your life, not go on a diet.
That you don't need another program.
You need to cap your calories and get some exercise.

And that you need to DECIDE!
 Really decide to change your life and make it a permanent change.
This is a book about how he made his decision and that journey.

I haven't read this book.
I don't have the money right now to buy it.
But I don't need to buy this book to know what's in it.
I have read Sean's blog.
I believe in Sean's message.
I trust him, and think if his message can spread..then more people could have  hope.
People who don't have the money for another program..
Or diet book...
Or special shakes..
Or pills
Or personal trainers.
Sean is not going to be promoted by the weight loss industry.
You know it and I know it..
There is no money to be made off this guy!
Eat less..move more...and do it for the rest of your life?
There is no hook there..no gimmick.
But we as a weight loss community can support him..can do what we can to promote his book and this philosophy.
You and I spent YEARS buying into the so called "complexity" of weight loss.
What if we could make it simpler for others?
What if we could demystify the process?

Well, I can do my part.
So from here on out you will see Sean's book on my sidebar.
It will link to his blog...

If you can afford it, buy it.
If you've read it and liked it, give it a great review..
and if you are so inclined..
promote it.

Do it for the person out there who is out of hope, and thinks it's too hard.
That they need a program or a certain diet.
I wish I had read something as simple and straight forward as Sean's philosophy years ago..
If I had, maybe I could have avoided some pain.
Have a great night guys.
chris out.


Sean Anderson said...

Chris--I can't express enough gratitude for your amazing words in this post.
It's support like yours that strengthens my passion and desire to share these truths we've come to finally see. And you're so right about the industry. They'll not like or ever accept me---because I can't make them millions. All I can do is keep speaking and writing and trying hard to explain the dynamics of this road we travel--and how the dynamics affected and eventually led me to a freedom I once thought impossible...and the weight loss industry had nothing to offer---because as I've found---and as you've found---and as many others have found--It's within each of us---it was always inside us. And you can't buy what you already own---it's just waiting to be used---to be acknowledged---we're not waiting for the next big product or fad offering---we're choosing change before change chooses us---and we're doing it using what we had inside our entire lives. It can't be bought, it can't be found on any "diet isle" at the super store---and we don't need anything to tap the power we hold---not a product, or book, or anything...Just us...the person staring back at us in the mirror. That's what we must have. Chris---sorry---didn't mean to go off on a passionate rambling--I have a tendency to do that sometimes...
My best always---and Chris---if you ever need anything--I expect an email from you. Because I'm a huge fan of you, my dear. My best to you and yours. ---Sean

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

Thank you so much for posting this info. here. I found Sean once and then forgot his name (oh, I am so bad with names) and couldn't find him again. But I have always remembered how 'alike' his ideas were to yours. How it all just makes sense. I have even shared his idea of how you will naturally make better food choices as you go along.
I just have to say that the two of you could be a killer team of some type. You both have such a wonderful way of being able to share your message effectively. You just never know what's in store for the future!

Sean Anderson said...

Jasmine--I agree. You never know. ;)
Someday--I would love to work with Chris in some capacity. Who knows? I bet it naturally evolves in that direction--kind of like our natural evolution of good choices, huh? I hold Chris's opinion, philosophy, and attitude in the highest regard. She's the real deal, always...

downsizers said...

The weight loss industry preys on desperate people. I have fallen for so much of it in the past. I have Sean's book on my bookshelf at my blog as well because I hope his message gets to all the dispirited people out there who can't seem to find the way. We all know what to do. We don't need any more gadgets and gimmicks. Sean's book is a threat to the diet industry. There won't be any help there. When people find that spark within, weight loss will no longer be "out there" somewhere but where it was all along.

E. Jane said...

I have also been gullible enough to have spent thousands on weight loss programs, books, shakes, etc. and the like, and I'm still not out of that old pattern. We all want the easy fix. Overweight people are among the most desperate people in the world. I can say that, because I have been one of them for most of my life. However, I also know that success comes from finding that desire within ourselves and then running with it. Good for Sean for telling the truth. Here's to all of us who struggle and suffer with the condition of obesity--may we find our way without becoming the prey of an insatiable weight loss industry. Great post, Chris.

Kelliann said...

This book is so incredible. I just can't put it down. It's not like any other book out there because it deals with the ROOT of the problem for SO MANY. Food addiction is too often overlooked and the fact is, change cannot be made without dealing with the addiction. I love this book so much, I am going to read it again.

Jill said...

A long time ago I vowed to stop spending money on weight loss products - including books because I felt like there was nothing new under the sun. But I will make an exception for this book because I'm currently gathering information to help me on my own transformation AND Sean Anderson is from my hometown. (I think he might have gone to school with my sisters, but I'm not completely certain of that.)So here's to hometown heroes!

Anyway, Chris I read your blog daily and although I rarely comment, I get a lot of inspiration from you. Thanks for doing what you do!

Julie said...

Done and done! Thank you for the push in yet another great direction. Sean ... can't wait to get to know you through your words and example.