100 Day Weight loss challenge....

I have decided for my own sake to do a 100 day weight loss challenge..
this idea popped into my wee skull when I began mulling over a few things.
First was a comment left by a very insightful commenter..
She said in a round about way a while ago that I was still holding onto the food.
That my splurge day was a way for me to not let go of my food addiction.
I don't think she said it quite that way..
but I am pretty sure that was the crux of it.
And it stung.
And when something stings, that's when you know it probably is TRUE.
I am a big believer in accepting the truth.
So I thought, what better way to kick it once and for all than to
Now who lost their weight by capping their calories and never looking back..
Then I remembered my promise to promote his book...
and then I thought..
You know, if sean can do it...can go nearly 2 years with a calorie cap...2 YEARS.
Through birthdays..Christmases and Thanksgivings...etc.
I can do it for 100 days.
Then I thought of how I began and how important it was for me to make MOVING a daily part of my life.
So I began walking..and now exercise is an integral part of my life.
After 100 days, I would imagine it would be a habit for anyone.
Now to honor God I incorporate Sunday as a day of rest.
That's why six days, not seven.
If you want to do seven...there is nothing in this challenge to stop you. 
These are just baselines.
learning to make exercise a daily part of life has held my weight down when I slipped on the food front.
And finally...
What I feel is the most important part of this whole challenge..
The whys...the why nots...and what is pushing us forward or holding us back.
I call it 'cleaning out the chicken coop'..
Identifying the parts of our lives that keep us from our full potential.
Or as I call it..
The sh*t that kept me fat.
So...If you want to lose weight like I did, like Sean did..
This is exactly what we did..
capped our calories.
dealt with our crap.
I have two participants..Day 1 is WEDNESDAY.
I would like the participants to email me their weights with some sort of photographic proof by tomorrow..could be a cell phone shot...doesn't matter...just your feet and the number. 
Thereafter we will weigh every two weeks.
Why every two weeks.
Because like Sean says in his book (and it's another thing I agree with as I like to weigh monthly)...
The body is a funny thing.
And it is easy to become discouraged.
This should pretty much eliminate any sort of bizarre fluctuations and it should keep us motivated.
On weigh day..you send the weight...
Now does this stop you from hopping on your scale ten times a day...No.
But there is something about not making it official that takes the pressure off.
I don't post the weight on my blog...I will post losses...or if there is no loss..a gain.
 But not the number.
The point of this is to see progress.
I will weigh in as well, and post my pluses or minuses.
At the end we will take one more snapshot and identify the winner by percentage of body fat lost.
meaning..as a percentage of whole body mass.  That way bigger folk don't have an advantage. lol.
You can thank the biggest loser for that one.
I can not win my own challenge. 
The gift is for someone else.
My gift is sharing this last bit of my weight loss journey with whoever is in it with me...
And if you don't want to be a formal  participant...that's okay..maybe you can do it on the sly.
I will be posting the first question to the participants  via email on Tuesday night..and each successive question every ten days thereafter.
And will post it on my blog on Wednesday (Go day.) 
Journaling (the blog) helped me more than I can imagine...I have no issues with letting it all hang out.
But I know alot of people do..
Which is why if you don't want to share a lot of personal stuff...you can simply journal it in a diary...
I do want the answer to why you want to lose weight though, it will be important later.
The other questions will make for good conversation on my facebook page if you feel inclined...
should anyone feel inclined..
But it's really just for the people to think about.
Cap the calories at 1500.
move everyday for 30 minutes minus one rest day
Answer the question, at least to yourself...
And do it continually for the next 100 days...
sounds as easy and as hard as all that.
You can opt in below or in my email livedeliberately@yahoo.com
The facebook page is linked in the top right hand corner..
Have a great night guys.
Chris out.


w0rld4vamps said...

This sounds like a great challenge. I'm currently working on my own personal goal/challenge also influenced by Sean and his success, so I won't be officially joining your challenge but I'll make sure to stay tuned. You've been an inspiration for a long time now Chris. Keep it coming!


MargieAnne said...

Great work Chris... I believe everyone who responds is in for a treat.... and some hard work.

I'll do it on the sly.

All our food products are labelled with kilojoules .. conversion to calories is a huge pain. This is the one area where metrics don't work so well. For that reason alone I cannot be bothered counting.

I do limit my carbohydrates and I've found that my calories are in a sensible range.

Your blog always challenges me so look forward to your questions.


MargieAnne said...

Just checked ... this is why I don't convert

1500 calories = 6280.2 kilojoules.

I'm not that good at arithmetic. Imagine having to count all those daily kjs

I think that's why W.W. points system is so popular downunder.

Go the Calorie Counters.

Honeybee said...

Great challenge. I'm so motivated by your success story u told in that series of picture. Pls keep posting, im ur new follower.

-honeybee from www.healthybeautifulblog.blogspot.com

Itsallmaya said...

Dear Chris! I'm in!!
my email is itsstillmaya@gmail.com.
Blog - yourchoicesarehalfchance.blogspot.com

jen b said...

I've tried to email you twice, but it's undeliverable b/c the email doesn't exist????? My email is:

I'd like to participate.

Emily said...

Good Luck with your challenge :D

Deb Willbefree said...

Chris... I do hope that you have another commenter that goes by the name of "Deb".


Dani said...

I would LOVE to join this challenge. Is it to late to join? Please email me at christinadanielle182@gmail.com

To Be Determined said...

I found your blog from a link from 66 Days (Sandra's blog) and decided that even though I didn't make the challenge deadline...I am taking the challenge anyway. :D

I am beginning the journey to lose 130 pounds and will start my blog later this evening...thank you for your inspiration!


Savannah Clark said...

Good luck! You'll make it for. Efforts, motivation, dedication and self discipline are the keys to succeed in this weight loss challenge. Like what i did when i tried the 90 day weight loss challenge. I'm cheering for you!