Hello all.
I was walking today...and to lose the weight I want to lose I really have to tighten up the calories and batten down the hatches with the exercise...I am ramping up to give it the good fight.

If you were going to face your enemy in battle..
you would need a few things.
You would need to recon the area.
Scope out the terrain..
know where your enemy lies...
LIke during the battle of gettysburg, the North arrived first...
And they knew to win that battle, the high ground was key.
They prepped the battlefield in their favor.
so when you are going in to fight your battle..
prep your field..
or...get rid of those m&ms sitting in your cupboard.
Get rid of your food Kryptonite.
For me it's popcorn..
for some it's oreos..
Oreos don't do a thing for me.
If you stuck oreos in front me and a slice of french bread with butter..
I would choose the bread.
It's the way I roll.
Know yourself.
Put good healthy food in your home.
Stuff that is good for you and tastes good..
And is filling.
Have a treat that isn't a trigger...
Something that you can have a bite or two off but won't send you off the deep end to binge territory.
So, I f you like chocolate...they have sugar free pudding cups.
It will cure your chocolate issue for only 60 calories and it's portion controlled.
Or if it's  something crunchy and salty..
salted pistachios do it for me.
or mini pretzels...20 for 110 calories.
If you are just flat out hungry..
for me..it's shredded cabbage...
It takes a long time to chew and it's filling.
If you want something warm...try beef or chicken broth...it's filling.
I substituted splenda for sugar..it saves me a ton of calories.
I eat lots of veggies at dinner..it fills me up.
And exercise is not optional..it's mandatory..
No choice on whether I pay my bills..
no choice on exercise.
I will be back tomorrow on understanding the mental processes.
Tonight is my whole body workout...
I bought 5 lb plates for my barbell last night to increase the intensity of my whole body workout...since it was lagging.
I have really built some muscle under this fat I want to get rid of.
So I just have to keep on keeping on..taking one day at a time..
One pound at a time.
chris out.


Helen said...

It seems that the real trick is to get several good calorie/exercise days in a row. That seems to set a pattern that becomes easier and easier to follow. I find when I want to veer off I often have to fake it till I make it.

Joy said...

Great post Chris! You are making it happen!!

Keep focused!

Robin said...

Know your Kryptonite. Wise words.

Gavz said...

Hello ma'am,
Thank you for stopping by and your words are really ringing a bell! I'm facing problems with counting calories, as I'm unable to count calories for Indian food. I have tried querying the same on the internet, but they are not yielding the required information. By going through various sites, I now have a rough idea as to what the calories may be, but again, only for a few Indian dishes. I have recently started measuring my food, so I am yet to progress on that front. So far, walking is the only thing I'm doing diligently. Trying to hold on to it :-)

Anne H said...

Love the battle cry!

Hanlie said...

I love how exercise is not optional but mandatory. It reminds me of the guy on one of my message boards who, when asked whether he trains every day, said, "Only on the days I eat."