Hello, I am typing by onscreen key board... It's a pain.
I wanted to get to this sooner. there are so many very crucial parts of the first few weeks, That it's hard to get  to all  of  them right away.
I started calorie counting with just a set of  measuring cups and spoons.
Until one night I was eating a piece of banquette chicken and realized that their portion was three ounces. As I looked at my chicken  breast, I knew enough to know  that was more than three ounces! Instead of eating 1600 calories , I had been eating more like 2000. It takes  3500 calories to burn 1 pound of fat. If I weigh 200 lbs., think I am eating 1500 and I walk 2 miles a day (200 cal.), I should be dropping  1 pound every 5 days. But, if you aren't weighing your  food, you could be consuming more calories than you think you are. The only way to be accurate  is to measure. Use the tablespoon, the cups, the scale. It takes all the guesswork out of it! Have a great  day! Remember, steel curtain zone.
Chris out!            


christina said...

While measuring any way is better than not... I have found that weighing is so much more accurate than using a measuring cup. What I thought was 1 tbsp of pb for example was really 1.5 when weighed - I was being alittle too generous with the measuring spoon. :)

Christine said...

love this, like when the golfball sized serving becomes abaseball. easy to do.

Physicallee Fit said...

Sometimes this works to your benefit too. Tonight I was at my mom's house and she had made rice & veggies with ground beef and shredded cheese as toppings. I wasn't interested in the ground beef; instead I weighed an ounce of cheese. Together with the half cup of rice and fresh cooked veggies & seasoning, it was totally satisfying --for about 260 calories for the whole meal!

Yay cheese!

Itsallmaya said...

Indian cooking is the steel curtain's nemesis. Which is why I'm erring on the lower side the 1500, rather than exceed. I have a healthy Indian diet I'm working with. That should do the trick. Staying away from the greasy currys, fried food, sweets and coconut (these things are India's McDonals :)) Getting there!

Christine said...

@physicalee...i love cheese too!

@maya, glad u have a handle on it now! getting started is the hardest part!

Sheilagh said...

Scales, measuring spoons, portion plate, calorie book. Most of the time I can eyeball portions (been doing a lot of dieting in my 61 years) but I still use all these tools. My husband thinks a baked potato should be huge, when I told him is should be no more than a small fist, he was more than disappointed..lol

Joy said...

I really need to work on this!! Thanks for the reminder!

Keep focused!!

E. Jane said...

My food scale, measuring cup, and measuring spoon are all part of my weight loss plan. It's become second nature, and I feel strange if I don't know exactly how much I'm eating. I'm also using my Body Media website to log daily calories. Sparkpeople would woerk too, and it's free. There's less guesswork, and that helps to keep me on track.