D4-The challenge participants and a follow on question.

Okay..I have a list of challenge participants..
The challenge is now closed to new participants, meaning I won't be adding anymore people after tonight. I added one just now..and that's it..I need to start setting up my timeline for questions and things of that nature.
So, here are a list of participants...
VAl N.
Julie H.
Tammy O.
Julie S.
Jen B.
JO @ wkl
Cheryl C
Christina H.
Kathy M.
Sandra S.
Kiran D.
Jadhav M.
Bhargavi H.
I have your weights..except for one and you know who you are ;oD...
Get that to me asap...lol.
The follow on question.
What do you say in your head when you get to the end of your calories and see other people eating a food you would like to eat...
And do not post what you SHOULD think...post what you HONESTLY think. lol.

think about it and post below tomorrows post.
How we think about what it is we are doing will determine our mindset.

I used to think...well, I will save that for tomorrow.
You guys have a great night!
Remember...Steel curtain zone..1500 calories..
And traditionally days 3 and 4 are very hard because you are hungry and the new is wearing off.
Hang in there.
chris out.


Julie Lost and Found said...

Sometimes I'll think "shoot..why does he have to have that???" or "I'll have it tomorrow if I still want it" or "where's my water bottle???" I've taken to actually leaving the room and going upstairs to listen to music or an audiobook to get my mind off it.

Christine said...

love that one.

Tammy said...

Oh good Lord, this happens every single night at dinner, when I fix veggies for me, and some bag/box of carbs for him (he refuses to eat veggies). And it happens every night after dinner when he breaks out the chips/desserts, etc. In fact, when I told him on Tues nite that I was going to start this challenge Wed morn, he said "That's great baby...I'm proud of you", and walked in the kitchen and whipped up a no-bake cheesecake. (eyeroll). I'm probably not allowed to post what my thoughts are...they're too profane. ;)

Sheilagh said...

I try to keep at least 150 cals in reserve for a treat around 9pm so it doesn't usually happen. but I have had days in my many years of yo yo dieting, of thinking... oh ok I will start again tomorrow, pat me that chocolate, ot that cake. This time it is going to be different.

outdoor.mom said...

oh exciting!! good luck to them :-)

Julie Lost and Found said...

Like Sheilagh, I try to keep 150-250 cals for the evening and I get *really* nervous sometimes if I'm almost at the end before dinner. I do try to plan ahead because I know certain unnamed people are going to be sitting next to me eating crap in the evening. I have some snacks that I really like and are healthy and just have to plan them.

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

If you saw the "mine field" of goodies just on my kitchen counters, you would shudder!
Was I suppose to answer this question now or tomorrow?
Have given it thought. Passed up on the goodies and the yummy looking steak and cheese calzone and other goodies brought into the house yesterday by others in my family with this thought in my head. The scale won't lie... if I cheat! I'd only be cheating myself out of what "I want for me." .

Helen said...

Just wanted to pop in to say good luck to all the participants - I'll be following along and cheering for you all!

Sandra Grover said...

I was struggling in the beginning because Mr. Sandra would open that bag of cheezies or taco's while standing right beside me and the smell would hit my nose like a wild craving. I asked him to stop doing that because it makes it very difficult for me to not dig my hand in the bag as well. So far I've been good, and he is improving (like not eating the crap around me) but it isn't easy.

jen b said...

This happens to me a lot--it's why I refuse to watch tv in the evenings with my dearest hubby--he eats ice cream, chips, etc. (Plus he watches CRAP that I hate!!!)

Here's what I tell myself,
"It's just food. I've had it before, I'll have it again. If I want, I can have it frist thing in the morning & base the rest of my calories around it."

But it's generally not that important to me by the morning--go figure!

Jo said...

I can usually resist. But if I give in, I take it off of the next day's calories and do extra exercise. Also, if I eat it, I will immediately start drinking water to get whatever is in it - fat, salt, calories - out of my system quicker. That probably doesn't work very well, but as long as I THINK it does, it does. I admit I'm crazy that way.

Gavz said...

This happens every night when my PG-mates munch on 101 things, and when ever this happens, I just leave that place and go to my room! I love reading so I have stocked all my fav. and new novels / books, and this is taking my mind off the unnecessary food thoughts and temptations