Transformation Road Review and the 100 day challenge

Hey guys,
Well in the last few days I have learned just how generous our blogging community is..
I was first contacted by a person who would rather remain anonymous.
This person gifted me with a hard copy of Transformation Road.
Then Sean Anderson Contacted me, and sent me an E copy of his book.
So, The hard copy will be a Gift to someone...but I will get to that in a later post.

First, my actual Review of Transformation Road.

An apt title.
It Charts Sean's Journey from 'husky' child to a morbidly obese adult.
Quite Frankly, I think Sean and I were on the same road.
We have a lot in common.
We both were raised by single mothers, both ridiculed in school.
We were both loathe to start a fight, or even finish one.
We both simply wanted peace.
He tells his story in a way that is compelling and easy to read.
I finished it under three hours.
I am a fast reader, but he made it easy.
It was, while hard to listen to, enjoyable.
Every one of us who has been morbidly obese, knows what it means to have our weight hinder our life...
Knows what it means to have our weight hold us back from being all we can be.
Watching the progression of events in Sean's life that led to an ironclad decision to shed the weight, I can tell you...
I know what it feels like to be fed up. 
His initial reason began as an exterior source, but soon moved into an interior reason.
He knew he deserved better.
He knew he wanted a better life.
And he realized finally, that the locus of control resided within him.
His choices..
He chose to change before change chose him.
He chose to change his addictive relationship with food by accepting that his obesity was caused by him, and him alone.
It was caused by his battle with food, his addiction to it.
He realised that only he could make the choices that would lead him to a different path.
And he made peace with all of it.
Made peace with the fact that he could no longer use food as a drug to numb out his emotions.
Made peace with the fact that the way he used food was harming his body and his family.
He made the choice to get better and to use food as fuel.
The mental aspects of this book are a roadmap to victory and are worth the price in and of themselves.
I have never read what he wrote, about the tools you truly need to lose weight at the end of ANY  other diet book.
The tools you need are free and at hand, you don't need a program or a pill...all you need is YOU.
Read it.
It will change your concept of the term "diet".

Now on to an idea I have been kicking around for the last week or so.
The 100 day  challenge.
I can only lay out the bare bones right now..it's morning and I have some work to do..
but the top three qualifiers to be a challenge participant are these:
Cap your calories at 1500 for 100 days
Do some form of exercise 6 days a week for 30 minutes...for 100 days.
And I will be asking 10 questions..1 question every ten days to get each participant to think about the why and how of their weight loss journey.
And I won't be asking anyone to share anything they don't want to share, but I will be asking you to journal it on your own....
The first question will be "Why do you want to lose weight."

But if you would like to discuss these questions or your own...I have started a page on facebook.
If you would like to be in the 100 day challenge you can email me at livedeliberately01@yahoo.com
I will begin this challenge on wednesday...also known as day 1.
I will be blogging about it here, and updating on the facebook page...which is linked in my sidebar at the top.

I f you decided to join,  Include the email address you would like your questions emailed to...
I intend the facebook page to be a forum for updating your daily calorie totals and workouts,
And also a place for people to discuss the questions I pose...and to maybe pose some of your own.
So, anyone who would like to be a challenge participant,
you can email me @ the above email address, or leave a comment below.
Have a great day guys.

Chris out.


Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Well, I was gonna offer to either call you and read you the book over the phone or text it to you one sentence at a time, but sounds like you've got it covered...

Christine said...

lol Jack. Thanks...that would have been real time commitment on your part, a true friend indeed.

Sean Anderson said...

LOL--Jack, you're one of the best. Christine, you're the best. (see what I did there) LOL
You both are recipients of my adoration and sincere respect and admiration.
Great review, Chris---I didn't realize we had so much in common. Wow--From start to finish, you could relate. Thank you for this amazing review. I can't wait to sign the copy of the book for the winner of this challenge.

Christine---This challenge you're starting will be HUGE. If your friends and readers enlist--and they stay steady at 1500 and exercise regularly as you've suggested--the results will be staggering. It's poised to be an incredibly successful challenge. I can't wait to see how it all unfolds.
Thank you again, my friend. It's amazing people like you and our mutual buddy Jack, that make this road such an amazing pleasure to travel.
My best always,

E. Jane said...

Sounds like a great challenge, Chris. It's based on reality and something I can do. I emailed you.