Challenge info

Okay...So, for those who have decided to join the challenge..
I will need a starting weight photo..Just a shot of your feet and the number.
The email address is livedeliberately01@yahoo.com
That's the reason the email bounced back to you...I forgot to put in the 01.
Sorry, busy few days.
I will be emailing you guys the question tonight.
The calorie cap and exercise start tomorrow.
I think this will be fun.
Remember this is for you....
I will not be kicking people out of my challenge...
But we will be discussing over the next 100 days, the reasons why it's hard to keep your calories below a certain point...what we can do to craft lives that integrate more health etc.
It's a process of learning...
So I am looking forward to it.
have a great day guys.
talk to you tonight.
Chris out


Julie Lost and Found said...

This sounds great! Sent you an email.

Retta said...

What a great way to meet your goal. Wasn't it in March? If I wasn't already on a plan I'd join you. Have fun!

Tammy said...

I moved my blog. :)
Did you get my email?